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Sugar User Group: wMaps

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on March 17, 2016

9 minute read

On March 15th, we had our Sugar User Group Meeting focused on Sugar Integration to Bing Maps (wMaps).

Make sure to mark your calendar for our next User Group meeting on May 17th. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

Still have more questions about Sugar? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!


  • Last User Group Recorded Video Link
  • SugarCRM Company and Sugar News Roundup
  • Upcoming Sugar Training
  • Feature Topic: Sugar Integration to Bing Maps
  • Sugar Q&A Session

Last Meeting

News Roundup

Relationship Analytics Webinar Archive

SugarCRM Closes Strong 2015 with a Record-Breaking Fourth Quarter

  • Press Release: SugarCRM Closes Strong 2015 with a Record-Breaking Fourth Quarter
  • 81 percent year-over-year growth in ARR (annual recurring revenue) in the company’s enterprise business line.
  • 106 percent year-over-year increase in the average number of seats per new customer
  • 42 percent increase in number of customers worth more than $100K in ARR.
  • Record quarterly results in billings, backlog, and total contract values

SugarCRM New and Updated Knowledge Base Articles

SugarCon 2016

Sugar Plug-In for IBM Notes 2.1.3

SugarCRM Mobile 3.0.0

  • SugarCRM Mobile 3.0.0 for iOS Release Notes
  • SugarCRM Mobile 3.0.0 for Android Release Notes
  • 3.0.0 includes a new feature enhancement, offline storage encryption. Any offline data from SugarCRM Mobile will now be stored in an encrypted database on your mobile device. If you are already are using the SugarCRM Mobile app with Offline mode enabled you may experience a delay when initially logging into the application after upgrading to version 3.0. 

Sugar 7.6.20 and

New wTools Module: Configure Global Search

SugarCRM Resources

Upcoming Training on Sugar University

Sugar Document Automation (wDocs)

wMaps Features

  • Grid View
    • Search Sugar records by distance from postal code
    • Display a pushpin map of filtered Sugar records
    • Generate driving directions for filtered Sugar records
  • Detail View
    • Show a map location of the current record
    • Generate driving directions to the current record
    • Show records closest to the current record
    • Send maps to mobile phone for interactive guidance

wMaps Use Case Demo: Search by Distance

  • Search for Sugar records by distance from a postal code.
  • You are holding an event and would like to invite all customers within 50 miles from the event location.
  • With wMaps, you can filter accounts list view using a new Distance search option and specify the distance from a postal code's center point.
  • You can save the result set to a Sugar target list for marketing purposes.

wMaps Use Case Demo: Map Sugar Filtered Records

  • Map a filtered set of records in a Sugar list view.
  • You would like to see the distribution of customers or prospects in a specific territory.
  • With Sugar, you can create a filter in the accounts module to list the customers in a specific territory.
  • wMaps can display the result of that list as pushpins on a map.

wMaps Use Case Demo: Map Current Record

  • You have a new prospective account and would like to get some geographic context and take a look at their office building.
  • wMaps can produce a map that can be zoomed in all the way to the aerial photo detail of the building or location in question.

wMaps Use Case Demo: Generate Optimum Driving Directions

  • Generate optimum driving directions
  • for a selection of Sugar records.
  • You are planning to travel in your sales territory and would like to plan the best sequence of account visits.
  • From a filtered list in Sugar, select the specific accounts you would like to visit. wMaps can generate optimal directions and display the directions on a map.  
  • The directions can be emailed to your phone to integrate with maps on the phone.

wMaps Use Case Demo: Show Closest Records

  • You are visiting a customer and would like to see a list of the closest prospective customers or other customers so you can plan some additional stops.
  • wMaps will calculate the relative distance between the current record and all other records, and then show you the closest ones.
  • From the list of closest records, you can place them on a map or generate optimum driving directions.

wMaps Use Case Demo: Send to Mobile Device

  • You have generated a map or directions and want to be able to send them to your phone or a colleagues phone.
  • Any wMap can be sent to your phone via email. In the top right of a map or directions screen, there will be a Send via Email button. Press this link to generate an email with a link to the map that can be opened on your phone.

Availability and Pricing


  • This module is available now for US English language instances either On-Demand or On-Premise version 7.6 and greater.
  • Currently a download directly from W-Systems; expected on Sugar Exchange Q3 of this year


  • $120 per user per year
  • Minimum of 10 licenses 
  • Does not have to match the license count

Our next meeting topic will be sent out at the beginning of May in our newsletter along with a separate invite.

Sugar User Group Q&A

Why Bing Maps compared to Google Maps (or any other mapping software?

Since wMaps is a commercial piece of software developed with resale in mind, Bing Maps has a much more clarified version of their API, which allows developers to build this technology and extend it to our customers. Google Maps API is very friendly to the individual and not as much for commercial licensing.

How do I geocode my database?

As part of the wMaps install the fields for geocoding are automatically created on the Account and Contact Records. There is then a scheduled job each night using Bing Maps API to send out the encoded address data of your records and returning the geocoding information for those particular accounts.

Does wMaps work on the SugarCRM Mobile App?

We have some initial functionality inside of mobile. The wMaps products is going to extend into that, but for now, we are just harnessing the SugarCRM Mobile mapping functionality.

Is wMaps only restricted to US Maps?

wMaps is restricted right now to US English versions of Sugar, but works with any address internationally.

Is there a record to how many records can be geocoded in one day?

The current maximum is set to 500 records per day and from that point forward is just going on updated records, so any time the address information changes on an account it would be scheduled to recode.

Is it possible to view all leads, accounts, and contacts? Would it be possible to have color-coded pins?

Yes, it is possible to differentiate visually between a lead, account and a contact in wMaps.

If licensing does not match the number of users how do you determine who has access?

Inside of the user configuration file of wMpas (in the Sugar Admin Center) you have the ability to drag in which users have access to the functionality.

Does this use Billing or Shipping Addresses?

In our demos during this webinar we used a billing address. However, you have the ability to select which one you would like to use.

Will there be a visual map of the selected accounts?

Since this is the core of the wMaps product which is to display any accounts that you want to see on a map.

Are the driving directions given in writing?

Yes, the driving directions are given in writing with the option to email them directly within Sugar.

Can this be used internationally?

Yes, this can be used with international addresses (it is not just limited to US addresses).

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