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Sugar User Group: Surprising Enterprise Features

by Katie Liesmann on May 20, 2016

4 minute read

Earlier this week, our team hosted a webcast on Sugar Enterprise and the features within it that improve customer support and user experience. Topics covered include revenue line items, role-based views, advanced workflows, and the self-service portal. We also covered tagging, the newest feature in Sugar 7.7. Here are the video recording and questions asked by our audience during the event:

Sugar User Group Q&A

Will I have to recreate my workflows to transfer them to Enterprise’s Advanced Workflows?

Any workflows in Sugar’s legacy workflow engine (Workflow Manager) will have to be recreated in Advanced Workflows. Workflow Manager will be deprecated from all versions of Sugar in early 2017, so we are recommending that Sugar users with several workflows begin the process of recreating them in advanced workflows sooner rather than later.

Can I share custom dashboards with different roles or users?

Pushing out custom dashboards to other users is not a functionality that is included out of the box, but it is something that could be customized. A partner of ours, Synolia, makes a third-party add-on to Sugar called Dashboard Deployer. We love this product and recommend it for customizing in this scenario.

Who can create tags in Sugar 7.7?

Any user has the capability to create tags. You could use roles and permissions to hide the Tags Module from certain roles or users, but keep in mind that would also take away their capability to add tags to records.

How are tags created in Sugar 7.7?

Tags can be created within the tag field on any record. If you type in a tag name that doesn’t exist, the field menu will give you an option to create it as a new tag.

Tags can be created within the tag field on any record.

I have Sugar Enterprise and don’t see revenue line items. What should I do?

Revenue line items is a feature that has to be turned on in Sugar Enterprise. Have an administrator access the Admin Panel, scroll to the bottom, and under the “Opportunities” section click on “Opportunities”. This will open up a new page, and from here you can choose to use both Opportunities and Revenue Line Items.

Sugar opportunities settings

How many users can you have in a portal?

You can have 100 concurrent users logged in to your portal at one time. There is no limit on the number of portal users you can create, just on the number who can access it at the same time.

Is there an option to purchase additional concurrent users for the self-service portal?

This option currently doesn’t exist. If you need more than 100 portal users at one time, it’s probably best to start talking about custom portal development.

Can modules available within the portal be customized?

No; the modules that come with the self-service portal in Sugar Enterprise are cases, bugs and knowledge base. These are the three modules that portal users will have access to. To incorporate any other modules in a self-service portal would require customization. As the CRM industry is shifting to focus more and more on the customer journey and the software user, it only makes sense to be discussing platforms like Sugar Enterprise that take the interests of the user and the customer to the next level.