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Sugar User Group: Sugar Workflow Automation

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on November 24, 2014

9 minute read

On November 18th, we had our SugarCRM User Group Meeting focused on Sugar Workflow Automation. On January 20th we will host the next User Group Meeting covering Sugar Report Design. 

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording from the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers. 

Still have more questions about Sugar Workflow Automation (or just SugarCRM in general)? Feel free to post a question in the comments section and we’ll be happy to answer!


  • SugarCRM News Roundup
  • SugarCRM Customer Resource Summary
  • SugarCRM Workflow Training
  • SugarCRM Open Questions & Answers
  • Next Meeting Training / Topic Survey

SugarCRM News Roundup

  • SugarCon 2015: San Francisco April 20-23

    • Keep an eye on for venue and registration information
    • Lots of detailed information about Sugar, their roadmap, SugarCRM add-on vendors, case studies from successful SugarCRM implementation, training for admins and users and lots of good networking!
  • Sugar 7.5 should be released before the end of the year
    • Sugar 7.6 will follow quickly in the new year
  • SugarCRM Mobile Application has been updated
    • Added new Tablet Mode
    • Fixes some issues with Android phone devices
    • Adds compatibility with Sugar 7.5 (so it will work when this is released)
  • W-Systems SugarCRM Case Study

SugarCRM Customer Resources

Sugar Workflow Automation

  • SugarCRM Workflows allowing customers to create small programs inside of Sugar without being a programmer. You can create scenarios where you want certain rules to be monitored in Sugar and have these tasks executed automatically.

  • Here are three types of scenarios we ran through (please watch the accompanying video to learn how to setup these scenarios):

    • Scenario 1: Opportunity Close Workflow
      • Business Question: When a sales opportunity is either noted as won or lost, certain users should be notified right away via email.
      • Workflow Execution Type: When Record Saved
      • SugarCRM Module: Opportunities
      • SugarCRM Trigger Condition: Sales Stage changes to either Closed Won or Closed Lost
      • SugarCRM Alert: Templated Email with Opportunity Details sent to assigned users manager
      • SugarCRM Action: None
    • Scenario 2: Contract Expiration Notice
      • Business Question: When a contract is about to expire, email the customer with details about the expiring contract
      • Workflow Execution Type: After Time Elapses
      • SugarCRM Module: Contracts
      • SugarCRM Trigger Condition: Contract Expires 30 Days into the future
      • SugarCRM Alert: Templated Email with Contract Details sent to related account contacts
      • SugarCRM Action: None
    • Scenario 3: Scheduled Task for Sales Lead
      • Business Question: When a new lead is entered, schedule a task for the assigned SugarCRM sales rep user
      • Workflow Execution Type: When record is saved
      • SugarCRM Module: Leads
      • SugarCRM Trigger Condition: Lead record status = ‘New’
      • SugarCRM Alert: none
      • SugarCRM Action: Create related record: Task

Our next meeting will highlight: Sugar Report Design

SugarCRM Open Questions & Answers

Why are you unable to change when the execution occurs in the edit mode? (For example to make changes you have to delete and make a whole new workflow, correct?)

When you setup a new workflow you have the option of having the record time-based or saved-based. Unfortunately if you want to change the from time-based to saved-based or vice versa you will have to create a new workflow and go from there.

Can it send to a contact?

Yes, it can send to a contact. Remember that some of the recipient lists refer to a recipient. The recipient is related to a contact and from there you can specify the field that contains the name and the email address of the contact.

Can you click more than one alert category?

Yes, we can have multiple alerts.  Multiple alerts can be sent to multiple people (primary person, CC and BCC ability).

For multiple conditions can we specify that ALL or ANY must be true for the action to happen?

This requires when it is setup the conditions that all of them have to be met. For any those would have to be setup into multiple workflows, not just one.

On an alert, if a user has been added multiple times will they receive multiple alerts?

Any person added as a recipient to an email will only receive the email one time. It will execute, send to all the recipients at the time that the condition is met.

Can the set assigned user be someone outside of Sugar Users? We have outside sales reps that we would like to do this with.

Yes, you can. Alerts can be sent to anyone that is a contact from the records that we are triggering from.

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