Sugar User Group: Sugar Logic

by Katie Liesmann on March 17, 2017

2 minute read

On March 15, 2017, the W-Systems team hosted a Sugar user Group on Sugar Logic. We started by explaining the basics of Sugar Logic, then showed how to build one dependent field and one calculated field, and finally showed off four cool calculated fields that we built. This blog post contains the Sugar Logic functions for those four calculated fields. The functions can be used by copying and pasting into the calculated or dependent field. You can watch the full recording of the Sugar User Group below.

Google Maps

Field type: calculated, iFrame Function:{primary_address_street}, {primary_address_city}, {primary_address_postalcode}, {primary_address_country}

Discount by Opportunity Sum

Field type: calculated, decimal Function: ifElse(isWithinRange(rollupSum($opportunities,"amount"),0,9999),".0", ifElse(isWithinRange(rollupSum($opportunities,"amount"),10000,24999),".1", ifElse(isWithinRange(rollupSum($opportunities,"amount"),25000,49999),".2", ifElse(greaterThan(rollupSum($opportunities,"amount"),50000),".3","0"))))

Dependent Display of Alert

Field type: dependent, HTML Function: greaterThan(0,daysUntil($date_closed))

Age of Record

Field type: calculated, integer Function: negate(daysUntil($date_entered))

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