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Sugar User Group: Sugar 7.7 Highlights

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on May 23, 2016

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On May 17th, we had our Sugar Online User Group Meeting focused on the new features and enhancements in Sugar 7.7.

Make sure to mark your calendar for our next Online User Group meeting on July 19th. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

Still have more questions about Sugar? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!


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  • Feature Topic: Sugar 7.7
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Last Meeting

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Upcoming Training on Sugar University

Sugar 7.7

Sugar 7.7 Highlights

  • Knowledge Base has been moved to Sidecar
  • New feature: Tagging
  • Enhanced Global Search
  • Updates to the Lead Conversion process
  • Various User Interface updates
  • Updates to Advanced Workflow Templates and Process Definitions
  • Workflow now allows Team Sets to be used for Action Definitions
  • New features have been added to the Dun & Bradstreet Connector
  • Group By Week has been added to Reports
  • New To/CC/BCC functionality added to the Compose Email Window
  • Quotes subpanels for Accounts and Contacts have been updated
  • Forecasts now show commit history timestamps
  • Various Performance, Security, and Platform enhancements across Sugar
  • Sugar Logic and Knowledge Base enhancements to the Portal

Knowledge Base

  • The Knowledge Base module has been updated to use the Sidecar user interface.
  • If you would like to learn more about the updated Knowledge Base visit our two-part series blog: Part 1 and Part 2


  • End Users: Sidecar modules contain a Tags field where users can create and share tags which can be used to identify records in filters, dashlets, and reports.
  • Administrators: Users with administrator or developer access can utilize the Tags module to manage the system-wide tag repository.

Global Search

  • Improvements have been made to the Global Search user interface and functionality (e.g. search tags, etc.).

Lead Conversion

  • End Users: Leads can now be converted by clicking the Unconverted button in the Leads record view, as well as by selecting the Convert option from the Leads subpanel actions menu.
  • End Users: Records will now be automatically associated during lead conversion if no duplicate records are found.
  • Administrators: The Lead Conversion Options setting is now available in Admin > System Settings to handle activity records during lead conversion.

User Interface

  • Subpanels & List Views:
    • Filtered list views with "More records..." loaded remain expanded after in-line edits are saved.
    • When linking records via the Contacts subpanel in the Cases record view, the Search and Add Contacts drawer will automatically be filtered to only display contact records associated to the case's parent account.
    • Multiple users can now be selected when creating search filters using the
    • Assigned to field in Sidecar modules.
    • The total count of records are now available in Module list views, Subpanel list views, as well as Search and Select list views.
    • User selection lists previously sorted by username are now sorted by last name, first name.
    • Administrators: Administrators now have the option to collapse all subpanels in Sidecar modules by default via Admin > System Settings.
  • The favicon (SugarCRM cube icon) in the browser tab now displays the same number corresponding to the count in the notifications box.

Advanced Workflow

  • Related record URLs may now be embedded in process email templates.
  • Administrators can now append and replace teams via Change Fields and Add Related Record actions.


  • Administrators can now differentiate between a record's primary team and its current team set in workflows.


  • The Contact Type field is now available as a filter criteria in the D&B People panel.
  • The D&B Usage Meter dashlet is now available to view a summary of used and remaining credit information for each available metered service (e.g. Accounts, Family Tree, etc.).
  • The GU DUNS field is now available as a filter criteria in the D&B Company Information panel.


  • Summation Report, Summation Report with Details, and Matrix Report can now be grouped by "Week" for Date and Datetime fields (e.g. Start Date, Date Created, etc.).


  • Recipients can now be dragged and dropped across the To, CC, and BCC fields in the Compose Email window for Sidecar modules.
  • The Move To BCC option is now available when composing emails in the Emails module.


  • The Quotes (Bill To) and Quotes (Ship To) subpanels are now available in the Accounts and Contacts record views in order to display the related quote records accordingly.


  • The Forecast module's commit history now displays a timestamp.

Performance, Security, Platform

  • Tracker sessions are now logged for Sidecar modules.
  • Improvements have been made to load record view layouts faster when multiple dropdown fields and values exist in the layout.

Platform Updates:

  • Upgrades are now supported on all database stacks (MySQL, DB2, Oracle, MSSQL).
  • PHPMailer is now being installed by composer and is upgraded to version 5.2.9.

Security Updates:

  • The "Load login screen in same window to avoid pop-up blocking" option can now be enabled via Admin > Password Management to load the SAML login screen in the current window and prevent pop-up blockers from disallowing single sign-on.
  • SimpleSAMLphp library 2.6.1 supported : SimpleSAMLphp library 2.6.1 is now supported in Sugar.
  • Password encryption has been strengthened for increased system security.


  • The Knowledge Base Categories & Published Articles dashlet is now available on the Knowledge Base list view in the portal.
  • Sugar logic is now supported in the portal.

Sugar Online User Group Q&A

Is the new lead conversion process configurable inside the admin tools?

The only conversion options that you have has to do with what happens to notes in the system. While a record is considered a lead someone may place calls or add notes to it so the question is do you want to leave the notes with the lead record or do you want to convert it with the conversion onto the accounts and contact records. There is a new option that you can configure as an administrator that allows you to either leave it the way it is or move it to the new records that are created.

Is Workflow eliminated in Sugar 7.7? If not, what is the current status of Workflow in Sugar?

For installations of Sugar Professional, the old workflow functionality is slated to go away. Originally it was scheduled for removal in 2016, which has now been extended to Workflow in Professional edition well into 2017 (we are estimating third quarter of 2017) where you will see versions without workflow being released.

Can the Knowledge Base be viewed by people who are not Sugar users?

If you have non-Sugar users with Sugar Enterprise you can publish information so they can see it in the portal.

With the lead conversion process we have found that the conversion does not use email and it is possible to create a duplicate if a name is not a perfect match. Has this been fixed? 

This has not been changed and still works the same way it has been in the past. There are ways to create custom duplicate checking in Sugar including our Detect Duplicate Records During Import. It is possible to create custom duplicate checking on any field in Sugar or rules such as if the first 3 digits of the zip code is the same, then flag it as a duplicate based on the zip code. Duplicate checking is standard and with Sugar it has to be an exact match on the field that was specified.

How many portal accounts are allowed with Sugar Enterprise?

With Sugar On Demand you have the rights to have up to 100 concurrent portal users (in our webinar we referenced 500 users, which was incorrect).

For Sugar Enterprise customers will 7.7 updates be pushed to their current instance if requested?

Yes, they will be pushed out on a rolling schedule. If you would like it sooner you can put in a Support request with SugarCRM Support.

Is breadcrumbing an available feature with the Sugar Knowledge Base?

There is the menu navigation where you have the most recently viewed Sugar Knowledge Base article. If you would like to see breadcrumbing, you can submit ideas for new features to SugarCRM in their Community Forum.

Our next meeting topic will be sent out at the beginning of July in our newsletter along with a separate invite.