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Sugar User Group: Sugar 7.6 Highlights

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on July 15, 2015

5 minute read

On July 14th, we had our Sugar User Group Meeting focused on an overview of Sugar 7.6Make sure to mark your calendar for our next User Group meeting September 15th.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording from the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers. 

Still have more questions about SugarCRM? Feel free to reach out to our team here , and we’ll be happy to answer!

Our next meeting topic will be sent out in the beginning of September in our newsletter along with a separate invite. 


  • Last User Group Recorded Video Link
  • SugarCRM News Roundup
  • Upcoming SugarCRM Training
  • Recap from SugarCon 2015
  • SugarCRM Questions and Answers
  • Next Meeting Training Topic Survey

Slide Deck

Last Meeting

News Roundup

SugarCRM Resources

Upcoming Training on Sugar University

New Capabilities of Sugar 7.6 Now Available

  • New Keyboard Search (CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE)
  • Updated Calls and Meetings screens
  • Advanced Process Designer ENTERPRISE EDITION
  • Role based Views ENTERPRISE EDITION
  • Column Resizing in List Views and Sub Panels
  • New SugarCRM RSS Feed Dashlet
  • New Project Tasks Dashlet
  • New Date Filters: Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday
  • D&B Build a List improvements
  • Microsoft IIS and MS SQL Support for on premise installations

SugarCRM Questions & Answers

Why do calls have an end date? Is it possible to remove this view or would it impact the time recording per call?

Calls currently have an end date because the call and meetings screens share functionality.  If you wanted to remove this view in calls, you could go into Sugar Studio, however it may tamper with the duration of the calls and is not advisable.   

How is the reliability of Windows Stack support for on premise customers with Sugar 7.6?

With the new Sugar 7.6 release there is now new support for Windows IIS Web Server and Microsoft SQL Server. While we have not heard of any issues, our recommendation at W-Systems is to wait until 7.6.1 is released to put a production version of Sugar on these new platforms.

How are you able to create an internal meeting notes field?

As an administrator you can access Sugar Studio and add new fields to any form. If you would like to add an internal notes field go into the Object or Module Field Dictionary and add an internal meeting notes field. Then you would make it a text field, drag it onto the form and publish it.
If you have any trouble feel free to contact us and we would be happy to do a quick walkthrough.

What features can we expect to see in Sugar 7.7?

Sugar 7.7 has already been received into beta so we are expecting a fairly quick jump to this version with hopefully a release around September/October 2015.  While the detailed features are not set, the roadmap that was presented at SugarCon in April showed the following features:

  • Improved Global Search 7.7
    • More intuitive UI including wider result dropdown
    • Inline previews on Search Results Page
    • Refine search results using Facets
    • Enhanced Elastic Search Engine
  • Knowledge Base to SugarUX 7.7
    • Dynamic name search; fewer clicks
  • Tagging 7.7
    • Tag records; Search and filter records by tags
    • Import/Export with tags
  • Append or Replace tags on records using mass update
  • Tag management: rename and delete tags