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Sugar User Group: Sugar 7 and Release Date Info

by Lydia Teffera on December 13, 2013

7 minute read

In November Amanda Anderson and Eric Wikman hosted a webcast on Sugar 7. The webcast covered its new features, the release schedule for Sugar users, and tips on how to navigate through the new interface. Amanda and Eric wrapped up the session with a Q & A discussion. Below are some of the questions and answers from the event.

Can I put my calendar on my dashboard as a widget?

Yes. Sugar Calendar can be added to a dashboard. This is currently available in version 6 and isn’t exclusive to version 7.

Can u filter on individual subpanels instead of filtering on all of them.

Not the way it is currently designed, however, you can collapse the other subpanels if you don’t want them to be displayed and just have the one chosen to be displayed.

Can you lock down the view if you want all users to look at the information in the same way?

I have not tried that yet in Sugar 7, but in Sugar 6 you do have that ability, so I am sure it was transferred into the logic of Sugar 7.

Does inline editing work across all modules? (40 min in)

Yes and no. Inline editing will work with all modules that have the Sugar 7 interface. Some modules, like quotes, will still have the look and feel of version 6 when Sugar 7 is first released. Also, any module that is put in backward compatibility won’t have inline editing. Eventually all of Sugar 7’s standard modules will be updated to the new interface with inline editing.

In the accounts filter, can I easily jump around on the list (ie. go to page 10 out of 20)?

No, unfortunately when you set a filter on a listview and you return more records than the system is set to display, you can only click more to get to the next set but you, unfortunately, cannot jump around.

Can you use wildcards with filters, since I didn't see a parameter for "Contains"?

Yes, you can do that.

Do iframes render in the business card view - Example: Panels from a marketing automation tool?

You can iframe data into Sugar, we are actually encouraging customers to iframe the data into the intelligence pane on the right hand side of the dashlet. But you can also iframe content from any other website by creating a webpage dashlet, which can be done without the need of a developer. But if you have something more complicated you may want to opt to have a developer help. If the plugin from your marketing automation tool iframes their data into Sugar, that company may need to update their plugin to be Sugar 7 compatible to render in the intelligence pane next to the business card view. From what we’ve been told, most marketing automation companies with a Sugar plugin are working on updating the plugin to be Sugar 7 ready.

Are there storage limitations inside Sugar when you drag & drop files, etc?

There are some in the OnDemand environment, and there are a few restrictions based on your license type, but they are the same limitations that previously existed. The storage limitations are just based on what your hosting environment can handle.

Does the email editor have spellcheck?

That's actually a functionality of the browser, so we suggest that people use Chrome.


Will the new lead conversion process help to avoid duplicates because you work everything off of the same record?

The new process will make conversion faster with less clicks, not necessarily help to avoid duplicates. However, Sugar does look for direct name matches and identical emails when creating a new record. If it finds another record in the system with the same name or email it will warn you and ask if you want to use the existing one or go ahead and create a new one. This is currently version 6 and is also in version 7.

What will happen to customizations to our OnDemand instance? We've had trouble with this in the past when upgrading, and this is a significant redesign.

Depending on the type of customization, it could break when upgrading. If you have a custom module, you will be able to set the module to backward compatibility to continue using it with the same interface as version 6. We are advising customers to be prepared before getting upgrading to 7.2. We are offering Sugar 7 ready packages and can review your custom code to determine what will break and what options you have. It’ll be best to figure that out now so you can act quickly to fix anything when upgraded. If you’d like more info on our Sugar 7 ready package, contact us here

How will I opt-in for the 7.1.5 December upgrade?

As soon as 7.1.5. is announced you will need to create a Sugar ticket in Sugar’s support portal to opt in for that upgrade. However, we feel strongly that customers should wait until 7.2 is released to upgrade. More bugs will be worked out by 7.2 and will be a more reliable release. If you can wait, we advise you wait until 7.2 is released.

When will Sugar 7 be available. I just checked Sugar Updates and it indicates Version 6.7.3 is the latest version?

Sugar 7.1 is out and available now. You can contact us and we can help get you set up for the OnDemand environment or hosted on-premise if you are brand new to Sugar. By the end of this month (December) Sugar 7.1.5 will be coming out. Sugar 7.1.5 allows people who are currently using Sugar 6.7 to put in a ticket to upgrade their instance, but only if you are on OnDemand. And finally in the beginning of 2014 Sugar 7.2 will be released and available in all deployment models, allowing all customer to be upgraded. We advise customers to wait until 7.2 is released.

In V6 Dashlets, selection of individual users is possible. In V7, it seems it's either me OR my team. I want to be able to view results for selected users. Is that now gone?

There is still a gear button to edit the dashboard like there is in version 6. But as for 7.1, there isn’t an option to view results from select users. Sugar is still adding functionality back into version 7, so it’s possible this could be added back in a later version.

On the items that are searchable in that drop down, are those static or do you choose which items you want to have in the drop down?

You do have the ability to choose the items inside of the Studio module of Sugar.

Can you get rid of that persistent bottom bar?

Out of the box, there is no configuration flag to get rid of the bar at the bottom. However it can be removed by a developer as a customization.

Will Pardot be available with Sugar 7?

We were told that they are creating a Sugar 7 plugin. Which will basically include modifying the layout so the iframe fits with Sugar 7’s new layout. We are still waiting for exact confirmation on this.


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