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Sugar User Group: Sugar Studio and New Features in Sugar 7

by Lydia Teffera on June 6, 2013

5 minute read

In May, W-Systems hosted its Sugar User Group webcast on Studio in SugarCRM and the new features in Sugar 7. The webcast covered creating, editing, and customizing fields in Studio, as well as a sneak-peek into the easy to use interface and enhancements in Sugar 7.0. Amanda Anderson (Marketing Manager), Aaron Wine (Customer Advocate), and Eric Wikman (VP of Operations) wrapped up the session with a Q & A discussion.

Below are some of the questions and answers from the webcast.

Sugar User Group Q&A

What does the asterisk mean for a field?

An asterisk next to a field means that it is a required field. You can set certain fields as required in Sugar’s Studio.

How do I know which fields are custom and which came standard with SugarCRM?

Anything you create in studio will have a “_c” in the label to show that it is a custom field.

Is it possible to "un-bloat" the module by unchecking the audit checkbox?

You won’t be able to remove the previous data from the auditing, but any future changes will not add to the database if you uncheck the checkbox.

Can you save a drop-down list that you'd like to use in multiple places?

Yes. After you have created a drop-down list you can reuse it in any other module or multi-select.

Can you define the difference between Reportable and Audit?

When you are creating fields you have the option of excluding certain fields from the reports. These fields will still exist, but will not show up in your final reports. The audits field, however, will provide a change log where you can track data history and previous changes made to a field.

What is the advantage of not selecting reportable? It seems like that would be good to have for all fields?

If you are storing important information such as salary details or pin numbers you may not want that to show up in a report. It really just depends on the material you are storing and the type of report you would like.

When creating a drop-down field, do you need to add a character or space to make a blank line, or is just a "non-entry" sufficient?

It is recommended to create a blank option in your drop-down field in the event that none of the options apply. Also, this will enable you to select blank as the default. To create this you simply click the add button without typing anything in the label.

Can a drop-down list be data from another table or module?

Out of the box, no. But we can do some customizations that would make this possible.

How is that different than creating a relationship?

Relate fields will show up in the detail and edit area of the module, and normally consist of a 1:1 relationship where the parent record will have only one value. Relationships, on the other hand, can have multiple values and become a subpanel.

Is there a way to delete a field in studio if you create one and later find it is not necessary?

Yes. You can delete a field in Studio, although it is not advised. If there is any record with the data in the field you create, the data will be deleted as well. You can, however, remove/hide a field from the display and edit views so that it will not show in your records.

What are the differences among the licensed editions for version 7.0? Are the new features included in all editions?

Many of the new features of Sugar 7 are included in all of the licensed editions of Sugar, but there are still a few differences. There will be a sales forecasting module in the 7.0 version of all licensed editions that is similar in functionality to the forecasting module in Sugar 6.5. But there will also be an Enterprise and Ultimate forecasting module that is significantly more sophisticated and gives you a bit more analytics and intelligence in your opportunity forecasting. The portal and advanced reporting are still only part of the Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

Is the Pipeline management available in 6.6 or 6.7, or must we wait for 7.0?

The new forecasting is available in 6.7.

Do you know if there will be inline editing?

Yes, there will be.

How easy is it to migrate from 6.x to 7 and what's the cost?

The difficulty of your migration depends on what customizations you currently have. Logic hooks or any studio and module modifications will transfer without any problems. However, if you have code that has been customized and is actually echoing out data, that won’t be compatible with the standard Sugar 7 interface. But Sugar has developed a backward compatibility mode that can be turned on for each individual module and should allow the old code to work fine.

When is the release planned for?

There will be a series of three different release dates for Sugar 7. The first one, Sugar 7.0, will be around August and will be for new customers using the Sugar OnDemand platform. The second, Sugar 7.1, will be released six weeks later for customers who are already using Sugar OnDemand and want to upgrade, as well as customers hosted on-premise or with a third party hosting provider. Sugar 7.2 will be released six weeks following Sugar 7.1.

To register for the next SugarCRM User Group, click here. If you have any additional questions about Studio in Sugar or Sugar 7, contact us here.