Sugar User Group: Reports You Can’t Live Without

by Lydia Teffera on April 7, 2014

In March, Amanda Anderson and Aaron Wine hosted a user group on reports and dashboards in SugarCRM. The session covered how to create reports and set up dashboards, most useful reports per department, and updates on Sugar’s 7.2 release. Aaron and Amanda wrapped up the session with a Q & A discussion. Below are the video recording, and some of the questions and answers from the event.

Sugar User Group Q&A

Q: Is there a way to adjust the chart columns and tighten things up a bit?
A: That isn’t possible on the front end, however, it may be possible to do on the back end but there may be a lot of coding involved. A better result would be to create a custom dashlet or custom metric point. That is a customization that W-Systems can definitely help out with, so just reach out to us and we can look further look into it!

Q: Can you use a wildcard when setting up filters in reports?
A: If your talking about the report field search than that already has the wildcard in there so you won’t need one. If you’re talking about the actual field criteria in the filter step of the report, there is a “contains” option that would be like a wild card as well.

Q: Do you have a Sugar 7 version of the All Activities Report?
A: There is a very good chance our All Activities Report will be compatible with version 7. We currently don’t have a customer using it on Sugar 7 and have not yet tested it. But when it is needed and if it turns out to not be fully compatible, then we can make the necessary updates to the plugin. But we don’t foresee there being any issues.

Q: In 7.2, will any more of the old legacy modules be converted to the new 7 type?
A: I know for a fact that our engineers are in training over Sugar 7, and that is one of the topics they are bringing up. So once they come up with an answer I will share it and hopefully clear that up.

Q: What if you have multiple currencies? Do you need to run separate reports per currency or can you do it in a single report?
A: If you’re running multiple currencies you are able to have two different fields and you can customize it so that both those fields show up on the report.

Q: Does the email exchange server need to be set up on your instance in order to schedule the report to be sent?
A: Yes, in the email settings you need to go to the administration panel, there you will be able to set up your outgoing emails for Sugar.

Q: When should we expect to receive our assigned letter?
A: We aren’t sure if Sugar will specifically inform users what their assigned letter is. It is more for internal use to determine the upgrade order. Based on the letter definitions, your administrator should be able to determine what category you fall in.

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