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Sugar User Group: Merging Duplicates

by Lydia Teffera on July 30, 2013

5 minute read

In July, W-Systems Marketing Manager, Amanda Anderson and W-Systems Customer Advocate, Aaron Wine hosted a webcast on merging duplicates and cleaning up your CRM data in SugarCRM. The webcast covered how to merge duplicates, enable fields for merging, best practices for cleaner data entry, and Active Prime’s tools that can help streamline the process. Amanda and Aaron wrapped up the session with a Q & A discussion. Below are some of the questions and answers from the event.

Sugar User Group Q&A

Is there a way to check for duplicates across modules when doing a mass import? For example, if you're importing a lead list, can Sugar check if the lead already exists as a contact?

Yes, but you may need a workflow or logic hook to complete that task. It just depends on how technical you want to get with it.

To clean up the system, is there a way to look for mass duplicates on contacts without checking contact by contact.

Yes, it can be done with a custom database query using Sugar’s database or with the help of Active Prime’s tools.

Is there a rule that at least one field of the contacts you want to merge should be the same. Like email, first name or last name?

Yes, or at least they should be similar. The first step is to find the duplicates you wish to merge, and a similar field is needed to find the duplicate. Ex: W-Systems and W-Systems Corp.

What version of Sugar is being shown in the webcast?

The version I am currently demoing is Professional 6.5.13.

Is there any way to prevent entering a lead which already exists as a contact?

No. There isn’t a flag in Sugar to alert you that a duplicate record in another module already exists. You should never delete a lead after converting them into contact for this reason. It’s protection against having duplicate leads in your system. We could do some workflow management in order to adjust the system for a new lead that has already been entered as a contact to help with this issue. But the general rule is when you have leads in your system and you convert them into a contact that you do not delete the lead record.

Twice a year, we buy leads from Jigsaw so we get several duplicates with the same account name. I'm wondering if these are worth deduping every time.

It really just depends on how many leads there are and what you want to do with them. ActivePrime’s clean CRM tool is a good way to mass dedupe your data. It would be beneficial to dedupe with this tool once or twice a year.

Can you dedupe if you are not an administrator?

Absolutely. The administrator is only responsible for setting up the fields for deduping. Anyone who has rights to do data entry will be able to do both deduping and merging.

Can you limit import access to staff?

If you have Sugar Professional, Corporate, Enterprise, or Ultimate, you do have role permissions. You can set permissions for imports and only allow access for certain people.

Can you merge info from other places rather than just accounts? I have only worked with the merging of accounts thus far.

Yes, you can merge records from accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads, and cases. Also, if you create custom modules they will allow you to merge as well.

Do you have pricing info for ActivePrime? Their website doesn't have prices.

ActivePrime Search and Clean Enter are both $5/user/month. Discounts are available if buying multiple products. CleanCRM pricing is based on the number of Sugar users on your instance and is an annual license. You can also buy a 30-day rental of CleanCRM if you don’t want to pay for the full year. 

Can you just install the CleanCRM module and not the other two?

Yes you can. CleanCRM is actually the most popular ActivePrime product we sell. They do not have pricing on their website, but just reach out to us directly and we will get that information over to you.

Does ActivePrime work with custom modules?

Right now ActivePrime is only supporting the accounts, leads, and contacts modules. We have heard that they are looking to open it to other modules, but that is something we need to look into to confirm.

Does it support custom fields in those modules?

ActivePrime does support custom fields in the accounts, leads, and contacts modules.

Is this SaaS-based and is pricing based on the number of records?

ActivePrime is SaaS-based. Pricing is not based on number of records, but is based on number of users.

If you have any additional questions or want to learn more about Active Prime, contact us here

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