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Sugar User Group: Mobile Client Training

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on October 9, 2014

18 minute read

On September 23rd, we had our first SugarCRM User Group Meeting focused on Mobile Client Training. Mark your calendars for November 18th at 2PM EST when we will host the next User Group Meeting covering Sugar Workflow Automation.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording from the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

Still have questions about SugarCRM Mobile? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we'll be happy to answer!

SugarCRM News Roundup

  • Sugar University has administrative courses, self-paced and scheduled online courses.  October 21 – 23 is an online course for Sugar Administration Essentials.  All courses are free and included in your paid subscription. 

  • There is an 8-minute video on How to Use SugarCRM Mobile available in Sugar University.

  • In the SugarCRM Support, SugarCRM has free weekly webinars covering a variety of available in the Hot Topic Webinars section. We also publish these on our website.
  • At the CRM Evolution Show in NYC, CRM Magazine awarded Sugar as a leader in the CRM space for enterprise, mid-size and small business categories.
  • Gartner, Inc. (the leading IT analyst group) placed SugarCRM in their Salesforce automation visionary quadrant, which is the most progressive of their classification for vendors in this space.
  • This year has been a transition year for Sugar, as they migrate customers from 6 to 7 as quickly as possible.  Sugar is performing these migrations in priority order based on the easiest (smallest installations with the least customizations) and then tackling the more complex ones later.  At this time 30% of our customers have migrated to Sugar 7 right now. 
  • The latest version of Sugar is 6.7.7 and and for mobile 2.1.1
  • We are expecting that Sugar 7.5 will be released soon, which will show some minor feature enhancements and compatibility with other databases.
  • We are also waiting for an update to SugarCRM Mobile to have a dedicated tablet design with a different look and feel and more content versus the mobile version.

SugarCRM Support Options

SugarCRM Mobile Training

Installing SugarCRM Mobile

  • SugarCRM has an app for both the iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

  • By clicking on the SugarCube in the upper left-hand corner will bring up the module menu, which is the equivalent of what you see in Sugar at the top of your screen on desktop.  On mobile, it is listed top to bottom instead of left to right.

Configuring SugarCRM Mobile

  • In the administrative section of Sugar (desktop) you can click on Mobile to enable/disable modules.  This is also where you need to enable offline caching. 

Customizing SugarCRM Mobile

  • You can customize what is available the Sugar mobile app in the administrative section of Sugar (desktop) through the Studio section. In the mobile layouts section, you can change layouts based on your specifications and needs.

Navigating SugarCRM Mobile

  • Sometimes when there is a change to a field structure you'll go through the loading process, but then you come back to the same full menu.
  • The SugarCube in the upper left-hand corner will always bring you back to the modules.
  • To figure out if you are online versus offline look at the dot to the right of the SugarCube.  Green = online and orange = offline (this is only visible if you have enabled the offline caching feature).
  • The plus button in the upper right-hand corner allows you to add related information once you are inside a specific contact.
  • To edit fields in an account you can click anywhere to edit or click the plus button to add additional content.
  • All additional information or edits that you make within the SugarCRM Mobile application are available in your Sugar instance in real-time as long as you are connected directly to the internet and not in offline caching mode.  If you are in the offline caching mode, your updates will be synchronized when you have regained connectivity.
  • If you make a call through the Sugar interface by clicking on the phone button in the bottom left of a contact, once the call has ended Sugar will pop up a box allowing you log a note for the call.

Setting up Offline Cache

  • From the Settings option (on mobile) you can enable offline mode.  As long as the administrator has set this up in the mobile configuration the user will be able to configure it on their mobile device.  Once this is done a synchronization process will start and records can be downloaded.

Mobile Client Training

SugarCRM Open Questions & Answers

Is SugarCRM Mobile able to use Wi-Fi?

Yes, SugarCRM Mobile works either from Wi-Fi or your mobile cellular connection.

Does SugarCRM Mobile work on version 6.7 or only version 7?

Both work, the only difference between 6.7 and 7 on SugarCRM Mobile is the offline capability, which is only available for Sugar 7.

Will the app link any personal information from a phone?

No, the SugarCRM Mobile application does not access the personal data on your phone.

Are mobile users in read-only mode or can they edit notes and records?

Yes, notes and records can be edited in addition to calls, tasks, etc.?

Is there a separate password login for offline capability?

When there is no Internet connectivity, you will not need to authenticate into the application.  It will use a cached authentication.

Is there a restriction on offline data download?

Yes, it is restricted to the 100 last module records that the user has been using (most recent created/touched). 

Can the mobile version run dashlets or create reports?

Any reports that you have in your Sugar environment can run on mobile. Dashlets are currently not available on mobile.

Is the mobile caching work on desktop?

Offline caching is currently only available on a mobile or tablet device (not available on desktop).

If you edit while in offline mode, does it sync later?

Once connectivity returns it will detect that it's online and sync the changes.

Can primary fields be locked by an admin to avoid deletion?  Can an admin "undo" changes from a user?

There is no current separation between rights to access a field on mobile vs. desktop.  A workaround would be to hide the field from the edit screen and only make the field available on the detail screen.

I have an older app of Sugar - how is the best way to update?

If you have Sugar 6.7.x you have full access to SugarCRM Mobile.  If you want to upgrade to Sugar 7 you would be placed in the queue to upgrade depending on your environment.  You can bump up in the queue by filing a support ticket, and Sugar will work on getting you upgraded.

Are admin functions like Studio available in the mobile app?

The admin Studio customizations are not available on mobile.  To make changes use Studio on the desktop to make changes for the mobile app. 

Can an admin "undo" changes from a user? 

If the user has the ability to update a record on the desktop they have the same permissions on mobile.  The only way would be to enable Sugar's auditing function through Studio.  There is no global undo function.

Is the Audit feature only available on the desktop version?

It is available on both.  If changes are made on the mobile version it will track it the same way it does on the desktop.

If a change is made to a record on the desktop and another user makes a change to the same record while offline on mobile, which change will remain after the offline user regains connectivity?

The details that were synchronized in from the mobile will overwrite details entered on the desktop if they took place before the synchronization. 

Is the sync controlled by device or by user?

It is controlled by the application (device). 

Is there a limit on a cache size for offline?

Currently, it is set to a limit of 100 records. We are still researching this question to determine the feasibility of modifying it through source code. There is no administrative option for this.

Is there a print option on the mobile version?  /  Can you AirPrint from the mobile versions?  /  Would the print option be in the admin mobile config?

There is not an option to print from the mobile version and it does not support AirPrint. We have made this suggestion to SugarCRM as an enhancement request.

How can I turn on the mobile sync option?

The mobile sync is configured through the Admin config panel in the "Mobile" section where there is a checkbox to enable offline settings.  

Non-mobile question:  When will SugarCRM be activating all modules in 7.2?  Specifically Projects.

From Sugar 6 to Sugar 7, Sugar decided that not enough people were using the Projects module. If you would like it back you can make a customer service request to Sugar and they will re-add it.

If I have more than one mobile device do I need to activate sync on each device?


How can I access the W-Systems Blog?

Is the "Offline Setting" for mobile not available on all versions? I have Professional 6.7.6. The mobile screen does not include it.

In Sugar 6.7.x the offline caching feature is not available (where in Sugar 7 it is)