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Sugar User Group: Managing Calls and Meetings in Sugar

by J.D. Perez on July 31, 2012

4 minute read

Recently W-Systems software engineer Danny Mulvihill and Marketing Manager Amanda Anderson hosted a SugarCRM training session that covered topics such as: the functions and uses of the Calls, Meeting, and Calendar modules in Sugar, the best methods for reporting and storing calls, and how to start and join WebEx, GoToMeeting, or LotusLive Meetings from Sugar. The session wrapped up with user Q&A. Here are some of the questions received and answers from the session.

Is there a difference between GoToMeeting/Webex and ReadyTalk?

You can still use the meetings module in Sugar to record meetings and get metrics on appointments. However, the functionality to auto-create the meetings in ReadyTalk is not available through Sugar without being customized.

­How well does Sugar work with Outlook calendar, meeting room resources, etc.?­

The easiest way to use Outlook with Sugar is to use the Outlook plugin, which is Windows only.

Does syncing with Outlook occur automatically or do you have to manually sync?

Syncing can be set up on a scheduled basis; you can create a sync button option, and with RIVA you can have real-time syncing so as soon as a meeting is created in one place it will be pushed into another.  

Is syncing Sugar to Outlook one direction or can be it be both ways? Can you change the setting to set-up from Sugar to Outlook and Outlook to Sugar?

The sync can be configured to preference; you have the option to choose which direction to push or to push to and from both directions.

I have other user’s calls showing up in my call log. Why? ­

If on the calls list view, this may occur because Team Security is not implemented. This restricts access to records from appearing in the list view. If on the calls dashlet, you can configure the settings and choose what displays.

With an integration with Outlook can you be selective as to what emails and calendar events get pushed from one to another?­

With the plugin, you have less granular control. With RIVA, you are allowed more control. If you wish to be extremely selective, you may remove some of the automation to allow this. To do this, you would use a new feature in Sugar called Snip.

When sending a meeting invite to a client/customer who is using Outlook, is it possible to automatically create the meeting in the customer’s Outlook calendar upon acceptance?

If you have the Outlook plugin configured so that creating a meeting in Sugar creates a meeting in your own Outlook, then Outlook is actually the software sending that link to the recipient (typical Outlook meeting invite). When they accept the invite, it should create the event on their calendar.

Is Webex the better/best integrated with Sugar Vs. GoToMeeting?

They should function similarly when creating a meeting. It is really just preference.

If you BCC an email to Sugar, how does it get related to a specific Account, Contact and Lead?

It relates based on the other email addresses associated with that email. For example, when you respond to an email from a lead and you BCC the Snip address, the address that is BCCed is essentially a server that parses the email which has access to all of the email headers. It then searches your Leads, Contacts, and Accounts module for a record that matches that email address, thus associating it with a particular record.

Is there a similar plug-in for Gmail and Google calendar/iCal?

Yes. Sugar comes with an integrated email client that will use Gmail to send and receive emails. Sugar also supports the iCalendar standard so you can sync your Sugar calendar and project modules with your Google Calendar and always have the latest information from either calendar. To learn more, click here.

Does this work with remotely hosted Exchange?

Yes, it does.

If we wanted to sync emails from Mac email to Sugar, is it possible?

Both the Riva Integration server and the Sugar Email Arching Service are Mac compatible.


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