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Sugar User Group: D&B for Sugar

by Katie Liesmann on February 19, 2015

4 minute read

In February, we hosted a webcast with our recently-announced partner Dun & Bradstreet, in which we gave an overview of D&B for Sugar and did a live demo. This native integration allows Sugar users to eliminate manual entry of data, increase sales team effectiveness and improve data integrity. Below are some questions and answers from the event.

Sugar User Group Q&A

Once you buy D&B data, will the info be automatically refreshed indefinitely?

Rather than refreshing indefinitely, the intelligence panel will always notify you when there is any new information available for the record you are looking at. You then have the option to import that updated data. This is a safety net that protects your valuable data from being erased. For example, if you have a close relationship with the CEO at a company, he may have given you his cell phone number. You wouldn’t want to automatically replace that data and lose his personal contact info.

When building a list and filtering on industry, is there a way to search beyond the SIC code?

The quick answer is no. While you can find and filter any industry, it would be overwhelming to offer a search tool here because there are just too many ways to word the names of different industries. Luckily, the codes are available online. Here’s a tool that we often use to find a SIC code for a certain industry.

How do I get D&B for Sugar?

D&B for Sugar is actually built into the Sugar product. You simply purchase a license key from W-Systems, type it into the connector settings in your Sugar administration section, and it just turns on for you. You do not have to import a plugin.

How do I sync current Accounts and Contacts with the D&B database to do data cleanup and mark them with the DUNS number?

To do a mass update, there is an additional service you can buy called “D&B Optimizer”. This runs your entire customer base through their system and notifies you of incomplete, incorrect and duplicate info existing in your database.

What are all the modules that the integration works with?

D&B for Sugar works with Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. The panels will automatically turn on once you purchase the license key for the product.

What is the pricing structure of D&B for Sugar?

There are different levels which have different prices. You can determine the package that is best for you based on the depth of information you need. The simplest level offers a quick look at the basic info while the highest level gives you more robust data such as call prep questions, financial data, hierarchical trees and in-depth industry information.

Contact us here to learn more about D&B for Sugar.

D&B and SugarCRM’s business relationship was discontinued in late 2016.

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