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Sugar User Group: Defining Your Lead Cycle in Sugar

by Katie Liesmann on January 27, 2015

4 minute read

This month W-Systems hosted its quarterly online Sugar User Group. The topic for the live webcast and demo was “Defining Your Lead Cycle in Sugar”. Our account managers Aaron Wine and Kristina Kurz discussed how different companies structure their lead cycle, best practices and the conversion process in Sugar. Below are the video recording, and some questions and answers from the event.

Sugar User Group Q&A

Will the campaign and lead source that was on the target record follow over to the lead?

Yes, as long as there is a field or custom field to hold that data. So if I create a custom field in both the target and lead module and they match in name, that will propagate over to the lead upon conversion.

Is there a way for a marketing manager to make sure that the campaign and lead source fields get filled?

Yes, you can make that field required. It’s just a quick checkbox in studio that prevents them from saving the record without completing those fields.

Is it a good practice to merge leads that are duplicates? For example, someone who may have visited several places on our website and have come in as multiple leads.

Yes. Duplicates are the bane of any database. One issue is that you could have multiple salespeople working on the same lead because there are two different leads. There is not a fuzzy logic on entering leads in Sugar, so if I did a data entry of Aaron and spelled “Aaron” on one and someone else tried to enter the same person but spelled it “Arron”, Sugar wouldn’t catch it unless they had the same email address. W-Systems actually created a fuzzy logic customization that helps de-dupe records if that you are finding there are several duplicates in your system.

Would the fuzzy logic also be a way to assist in recognizing abbreviated names a lead may have used when filling out a form? For example, entering LAUSD for the account name for Los Angeles Unified School District.

The classic example is IBM vs International Business Machines. There are fuzzy logics out there that do that. The customization we’ve done doesn’t specifically address that scenario, but we could find a solution whether that be extending our customization or pulling in a third party tool.

What is the best practice for managing several leads in the same account? For example, a rep may have talked to the CIO, CFO, and COO at the same company during the lead stage but they were not mature enough to convert to an account or opportunity yet. In Sugar the leads don’t relate to each other until converted.

We recommend entering them all as leads initially. The way sugar works you can have three leads on the same account but you have no way to connect those three leads. If this is something you come across a lot you may want to make relationships between leads. By making a many-to-many relationship between leads, you could connect the CIO to the COO and this would be visible in the intelligence panel.

To learn more about managing leads in Sugar, contact us here.