Sugar User Group: Customization Showcase

by Katie Liesmann on July 22, 2016

5 minute read

On July 13th we hosted our quarterly Sugar User Group and showed off four recent Sugar customization projects our team built. By showcasing customer projects, we are able to demonstrate the flexibility of SugarCRM and inspire Sugar users to think creatively about their CRM. Here are the four projects we showcased:

Faxing From Sugar

While many would consider faxing an outdated way to communicate, there are industries such as Legal, Healthcare, and Insurance where faxing is still standard practice. Many of these organizations need a more efficient (but still secure) way to send faxes. The solution was a three-step faxing customization that allowed users to create and send faxes directly from Sugar. The customization is integrated with Sfax, a third party service used to send faxes online. Here is the three-step process:

  1. Choose a recipient from a list which is populated from looking at related records.
  2. Choose a template to create the fax from. These templates each contain dynamic fields which pull in data from the recipient's record in Sugar.
  3. Hit send. After it’s sent, it is automatically saved to the appropriate Sugar record.

Rather than creating a fax, attaching a cover page, looking up a fax number, and processing it through the fax machine--faxes can now be sent from Sugar with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Faxing From Sugar

Subscriptions Module

Each day the subscription revenue model is being monetized in more and more industries. It goes way beyond magazines and software--today companies are sending razors, makeup, even food to their customers in boxes mailed monthly or weekly. Services like Netflix and Spotify use this model for their services too.

For any organization that sells services or goods on a recurring basis, keeping up with subscription renewals can be tough. We modified our CRM for internal use to help our reps keep up with upcoming and past due renewals, as well as track product history and growth over time. This allows us not only to track the history but know how account base has changed over time and report on it. Organizations can use this customization to better understand customer renewal patterns and provide better customer service by being able to prevent any subscriptions from expiring before a customer renews.

 Subscriptions Module

Scanner Integration

If you are a company which receives forms from customers in the mail, then this integration, which integrates a hand-held scanning device with Sugar, would help you increase the efficiency of processing those forms.

Scanner Integration

As a form comes in, a user can simply use the handheld device which is integrated with Sugar to scan the barcode printed on the form. The correlating record will be automatically found and opened up in Sugar.

Then the user can enter or update the information from the form in Sugar. In this specific example we built this integration to help a healthcare organization enter data from updated patient history forms. Other examples might be codes on government census forms correlating to a citizen so the rep can designate how they filled out the form in Sugar. Or serial numbers on warranty forms, so the rep can enter data to correlate with the correct appliance. This customization could work in any industry to eliminate human error in the data entry process and save reps the time spent searching for the appropriate record. 

Slack for Sugar App

The Sugar integration for Slack was created to help sales reps close deals faster and increase CRM data visibility across the company. This app combines Slack, an effective group communication tool, with Sugar. It allows your team to view and collaborate on Sugar data from the Accounts, Leads, and Cases modules from within Slack. The three main functions within the integration are commands, reports, and questions. Users are able to interact with sugarbot, a fun character who retrieves info from Sugar, using predefined commands and questions. Reports are received as notifications on a weekly or monthly basis--choose from a list of predefined reports such as weekly new leads or opportunities won each month.

This app won an award at SugarCRM’s App Throwdown for the best in class app for User Productivity. It also was recently featured on Slack’s blog. The most exciting thing about this app is that we are able to offer it for free for Sugar Users! Learn more about the app or download it here.

Our next Sugar User Group will be a free training session on the Campaigns module in Sugar. You can sign up here. You can watch the full Customization Showcase recording below.

W-Systems' Sugar integration for Slack will be discontinued on July 17, 2017, due to changes in Slack's API. If you are looking to implement an integration between Sugar and Slack on your Sugar instance, W-Systems can build you a custom integration. Please contact us here for details.

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