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Sugar User Group: There’s A Customization For That

by Katie Liesmann on May 28, 2015

5 minute read

One of the keys to CRM success is making sure you choose a solution that suits your organization well. Many companies choose Sugar because of its flexibility to be customized. In our most recent Sugar User Group, we showed off ten different customizations that we commonly create for customers. Here are the video recording and some of the great questions that the audience asked:

Sugar User Group Q&A

How do companies decide which customizations they need?

We suggest that a company should identify ways to save time and create efficiencies. Are there any tedious tasks that your employees are spending too much time on? Any buttons they have to hit too often? Any data entry that could be automated? A good exercise would be to look at your business processes and see how they could be streamlined. The W-Systems team can consult with you to help you identify the right customizations for you.

Why do you suggest customizations for your customers?

Sugar out-of-the-box is a great start for companies who want to manage their pipeline and store customer information. But many companies need more features or want to streamline their tools to one system. SugarCRM has provided a great framework for us to build customizations on top of, so that customers can get maximum value out of their CRM.

Can these customizations be done in all editions of Sugar?

Yes, these customizations are flexible to all editions of Sugar. Even if we haven’t deployed it on a certain edition before, our engineers can test the customizations in a sandbox and rework them to be safe to deploy on other editions.

Are these customizations upgrade safe for supported versions of Sugar?

It depends. We have deployed several of these customizations on both version 6 and 7 of Sugar. They can all be tested and modified by W-Systems engineers until they are upgraded safe.

Does a customer have to use third-party applications to set up custom modules?

No, custom modules do not require third-party applications. A third-party app is only required if you are looking to integrate your CRM system with another application, such as Box or QuickBooks.

What is Salesfusion?

Our Salesfusion integration was visible within our demo system and some of the audience members were curious about its functionality. Salesfusion is one of our marketing automation partners and also the marketing automation platform that we use in-house. This comprehensive solution is competitively priced and integrates tightly with SugarCRM unlike many other marketing automation platforms on the market.

Last Touch Field Demo

Can the “Last Touch Date Field” read all modules?

The Last Touch Date Field can read any module. Our engineers can modify this field to update no matter if the change occurs in the related calls, emails, opportunities, or meetings modules.

Portal & Stripe Integration Demo

Does the customer portal have field-level security options? For example, can we make certain fields read or read-write?

Yes, we can design a portal with field-level security options. Each customer portal is customized based on your organization’s specific requirements. We have built several customer portals and they are all very different. From merchandising, to customer support, to data entry, we can build a portal that suits your business needs.

Which module does the Customer Portal capture merchandise in?

The answer to this question depends on the design of your portal. The customer portal we demoed pulls merchandise directly from Sugar’s product catalog. When an order is made that transaction is captured in a custom Orders module. But we could capture this data in whichever module works best for your organization.

Does the Stripe Integration send sales receipts to customers?

Yes, the ability to send sales receipts to customers can be set up in either your Stripe Payments account or in Sugar.

Maps to Target List Demo

Does the Maps to Target List Integration filter Accounts based on the assigned sales rep or team?

The Maps to Target List Integration currently pulls in Accounts based on the Account location only. However, we can create additional customizations to this integration so that the Target List filters Accounts based on location, assigned rep, sales status, or any other field.

In the Maps to Target List Integration, how many colors are available for the map markers?

The Maps to Target List Integration can be deployed with as many colors for map markers as your organization would like to see. Before the project begins we can work with you to determine which colors should be applied to varying record types.

Can the Maps to Target List Integration be used on mobile?

The Maps to Target List Integration is not compatible with the SugarCRM Mobile Application, but it can be accessed from your browser on your smartphone or tablet. However, we have built custom Mobile solutions for Sugar with custom mapping capability.

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