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Sugar User Group: Creating Dashlets in Sugar 7

by Amanda Anderson on November 7, 2014

6 minute read

In November, W-Systems hosted its quarterly online Sugar User Group. The topic for the November webcast was “Creating Dashlets in Sugar 7”. Amanda Anderson and Aaron Wine discussed the differences between dashlets in version 6 and 7. Aaron led a training session on setting up dashboards and dashlets and defined some of the newer dashlets available. Below are the video recording, and some of the questions and answers from the event.

Sugar User Group Q&A

Can the org chart query off of other fields aside from the “Report To” field?

Not out of the box. The org chart dashlet currently displays your Sugar users in an org chart based on the “report to” field within a user record. In the near future, this functionality will be expanded so that when viewing an Account record, you can display the org chart of Contacts within the Account and easily see who reports to who. Anything is really possible in Sugar. So with some customizations, there likely is a way to use the same org chart type for custom fields. But this would require custom code to accomplish.

Can you see anywhere what the total number of leads are?

Not currently in Sugar 7. In Sugar 7.0 - 7.2 there wasn’t a way to see the total number of leads in the database from list view. This was possible in version 6. However, SugarCRM is adding back that capability so you can easily see from list view how many records are showing out of the total available (ex: viewing 10 of 3,500). From within a list view dashlet, there currently is not a way to view the total number within the dashlet filter. This also could be something that Sugar adds into the product in a future release. But as of 7.2.0 this isn’t available.

Can you create a List View Dashlet in Sugar 7 that combines two modules?

Not currently within Sugar 7. Sugar 7 dashlets work a bit differently than version 6 for list view. In version 6, users could display a list view in a dashlet using any rows and columns report. Within the rows and columns report, you still only had one primary module, but could display or filter within related module data. In version 7, the list view dashlets are built on the fly. You have the option to select one primary module to display records from. Then you can filter on any field within that primary module. It doesn’t currently exist to display records from two modules in one list view dashlet; for instance if you wanted to show all Leads and Contacts assigned to me in Texas.

Can you still link into the reports from the dashlet?

Sort of. In version 6, Sugar users had the ability to view or edit the full report by clicking the gear icon on the dashlet. That would take them to the actual report in the reports module. In version 7, users can still get there, but it currently requires one extra click. When clicking edit in the gear icon, you are brought to the edit filter section for the dashlet. In version 7.2.2, there is now a link to edit the full report from that screen. If you have reports that you need to view in detail or need to edit on a regular basis, you can always add them as a favorite.

Is the newsfeed functionality worldwide?

Yes. The newsfeed works the same way a Google Alert would. If the Account name is mentioned in a press release or an online news article, then it will show within the newsfeed dashlet.

Can dashlets be filtered on all fields defined in sugar?

Yes. The filters include custom and standard Sugar fields within the primary module you are working with.

Our sales group is wanting to use Sugar as a landing page for the group. Can I create a custom dashlet of links like in the Learning Resources dashlet to other resources they use in the company aside from Sugar related resources?

The Learning Resources dashlet is built to only include the resources Sugar intends it to hold, like a link to Sugar University. It is possible to build a custom dashlet with the same look and feel that links to your internal resources for your company. But that requires custom code to do and can’t be done out of the box. If you have several internal links and resources that would justify a library, then it might make sense to build a custom module to store those links. Each record within that custom module could simply have a field for name and a field for the URL. You could then create a list view dashlet using the custom module and display the name and URL within the rows and columns of the dashlet.

Has SugarCRM added tagging and increased the 100 record limit for offline mobile data?

From what we are told, tagging is on the roadmap to be added in Q1 of 2015. Since the SugarCRM Mobile 2.2 release, Sugar users may elect to have their assigned, favorited, and followed records downloaded to their mobile device for offline availability. The download will include up to 100 records per module. We aren't sure when the 100 record limit will be increased.


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