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Sugar User Group: Creating Campaigns

by Katie Liesmann on October 14, 2016

4 minute read

Earlier this week, our team hosted a webcast on Sugar's Campaigns module. We explained the main functionality of the Campaigns module and different strategies for using it. Here are the video recording and questions asked by our audience during the event:

Sugar User Group Q&A

What are the main ways that Campaigns are used?

Campaigns in Sugar are used for two main things: email blasts and tracking ROI of marketing and sales campaigns. Even if you have a Marketing Automation Platform, it's great to use Sugar to track ROI of your campaigns since the most accurate sales and Opportunity data is in Sugar.

What is the difference between Targets and Target Lists in Sugar?

Targets are a record type that represents the coldest lead you can think of--these people are more like prospects. The Targets module exists so you can keep less qualified prospects in your system without junking up your leads module. Target Lists are what are used to segment your records (Contacts, Targets, and Leads) for email blasts or other marketing campaigns.

Can you automate an Email Campaign to send a specific email anytime a person converts from a Lead to a Contact? Or if an Opportunity is closed-won, can we trigger a welcome series to the new customer?

Yes, although you wouldn't use Campaigns for this. You would instead use Advanced Workflows to create a series of email templates with pauses in between them.

Can you create a Target List that would pull all contacts in an account that had a certain field (for example all contacts in accounts set as "customer")?

Yes. There are several ways to add records to a target list--and one way is by adding reports. When you add a report, all records that are in the report will be pulled into the Target List. So if you can run a report on it, you can create a Target List on it. Note that unlike Reports, Target Lists do not automatically update.

Will the Email Campaigns show you how many emails have been opened? Will it tell you which recipients opened so sales reps can follow up with those who opened?

The Campaigns module will track email opens, as well as how many people click on URL links in your emails. This information can be found on the individual email records.

If you create a quarterly newsletter for customers, and then their status changes and they are no longer a customer, will they be removed from the campaign?

No, the lists do not automatically update. The Contact will continue to receive the campaign unless they opt out (unsubscribe) or you manually remove them.

 The Contact will continue to receive the campaign unless they opt out (unsubscribe) or you manually remove them.

How can I keep my target lists in Sugar up-to-date?

There are four ways to keep Target Lists updated. The first and most manual method is to add and remove records individually. If you are dealing with very many records, this will be too hard to keep up with. The second method is to re-add the report to the Target List. Note that this will only add new records that are in the report and won't delete any records that no longer meet those criteria. The third way is the best way to keep Target Lists updated with Sugar's out-of-the-box tools--and that is to delete the Target List and create a new one. This will ensure all records meet the criteria. If you use Target Lists heavily, we suggest you invest in a customization such as our Auto Update Target Lists feature that will keep lists updated for you automatically.

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