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Sugar User Group: Configure Sugar Without Code

by Katie Liesmann on July 7, 2015

5 minute read

Organizations are often hesitant to adopt a CRM because they think they need coding knowledge for their system to be successful. In our most recent Sugar User Group, we showed how you can use the out-of-the-box tools in Sugar to optimize your system without a developer. Here are the video recording and some of the great questions asked by the User Group:

Sugar User Group Q&A

Custom Dashlets

Can we create a dashboard configured with dashlets and release it to a group of users?

Out-of-the-box, no. W-Systems has customized Sugar 6 for customers to push dashlets out to their users. In Sugar 7 there are third party add-ons available that will allow you to push out dashboards, dashlets, and intelligence panels for different roles and users.

Can you drill down on reports within a dashboard?

Not directly. In the edit view of the dashlet, you can click to modify the original report. But you can’t directly drill into the chart in a dashlet without customizations. We have created a custom dashlet for our customers that will drill down into a report for you. Alternatively, if your report is displayed as a listview within a dashlet, you can click on the line items to pull information up in a new tab.

Can you add as many columns as you want to a custom dashlet?

Yes, but within reason. There is a limited amount of screen real estate, so it’s important to only display columns that add value.

Can you filter results into a top 10 list?

This isn’t a feature built into sugar other than the “Top 10 Opportunities” dashlet that comes out-of-the-box. But you can view the top 10 within a list view by using the sort options in each column. For example, if you have a list of all your opportunities, you can sort them from largest to smallest in order to see the 10 largest.

Concat Fields

Can you select any module to create a concat field in?

Yes, the concat function can be used in any module.

Can you use the concat function with related fields?

Yes, you can use the concat function with the parent side of a parent-child relationship in a related field.

Can you break down the Sugar Logic in the example?

Yes. In our example, we are making the Case Subject field a concat field, which will auto-populate the case subject based on the value of other fields. Below is the function used and explanation. concat($priority," - ",$case_type_c," - ",toString($date_entered)) We are using two functions. The first is the concat function which allows us to append text separated by commas. The fields we are pulling in are “priority”, “case type” and “date entered”. If you want to append text that isn’t in a field, put it in double quotes (i.e. the dash in between the fields “-”). If you use a field, put the dollar sign in front of it (i.e. $case_type_c). The second function is a function to switch the date to a text, which is called a “tostring”. This had to be used on the date entered because it is in number (date) format, and the concat field only works with text formats.


Can a workflow be created to do a digest type of email? For example, once a week it sends a list of opportunities that need attention to users.

Technically, a digest would have to be created using a customization, but an easy alternative is to schedule a weekly report to be sent to you.

HTML Field

Can an HTML field be displayed in other views besides the record view?

Yes, the HTML field can be displayed in both the record view, list view, and intelligence panel. In our example, we displayed red text that drew attention to overdue accounts.

Permission Roles

What are the default values for the roles set as “not set”?

This setting gives the role access to everything--it is the most lenient role setting available.

PDF Manager

Can we customize the PDF reports?

No, that function is not available yet. The PDF Manager controls the PDF output of all modules except Reports.