Sugar User Group: Better Campaigns and Target Lists

by Lydia Teffera on October 7, 2013

In September, W-Systems Marketing Manager, Amanda Anderson and W-Systems Customer Advocate, Aaron Wine hosted a webcast on creating better campaigns and target list management in SugarCRM. The webcast covered how to create target lists and campaigns, tips for capturing data, and best practices for using campaigns to build better ROI reports. Amanda and Aaron wrapped up the session with a Q & A discussion. Below are some of the questions and answers from the event.

Sugar User Group Q&A

Q: Can you delete a lead source from the drop down?
A: Yes, if you are an administrator you can access the admin screen and in the drop-down editor you can find the lead source drop down and then edit or delete it there. Make sure you check that you don’t have any leads with the lead source you are about to delete.

Q: Will Sugar 7 allow multiple campaigns to be associated with a single opportunity?
A: No. You can only associate one campaign per opportunity in the current version of Sugar and in 7.0. We haven’t heard anything about the possibility of having that capability in the near future. It’s something that could be customized but wouldn’t use Sugar’s out of the box campaign module.

Q: Does Sugar check to make sure the email address is valid and in the correct format;
A: It really just depends on how you enter your data. If you are using a third party automation tool, most of these tools have an email authentication check and will mark it as invalid if it does not check out. If you are entering an email in Sugar, and you forget the .com, Sugar will give you error message before you are able to save the record. So it won’t be able to tell you if it’s a valid inbox, but it can tell you if it’s a valid format.

Q: Is there a quick way to delete everyone on a target list?
A: Not really. The only way to delete records from a target list is to do it one by one, or you can create a new list and start from scratch. However, W-Systems built a custom plugin to automatically update target lists based on reports. So records will automatically be added or deleted to reflect the real-time data in the report. For more info, click here.

Q: Will the Sugar system notify you if an email is opened in addition to whether the recipient clicks the link within the email.
A: Yes. Once you send an email in Sugar, you can view the campaign report to see who opened the email and also who clicked on a tracked link. You must set up your tracker urls prior to creating and sending the email if you want to track the link. In some email clients, there is an email preview mode. If the recipient’s email application is set to preview, this will also count as an open email.

Q: If using a third-party marketing automation system like HubSpot - how do you send email campaigns through HubSpot & integrate it with the Sugar campaigns so you can track links, see the leads you sent to, etc?
A: HubSpot doesn’t have a pre-built connector to SugarCRM, but it is a custom project W-Systems has completed before. You could pull in leads, web activity, and email data into Sugar through a custom integration. However, due to the nature of Sugar’s campaign engine. It would be difficult to sync HubSpot campaigns with Sugar’s campaign module.

Q: Where would we view the analytics of opened emails and links? Can we see it as an overview for all in Campaigns as well as within each Lead?
A: Yes. When viewing the campaign, there are buttons for “View Status” and “View ROI”. The view status section will show you who opened your email, who clicked on a tracked link, how many bounced, etc. It will show the details of who each person is, but will also show this graphically as a sum. The view ROI section will show you how many leads, accounts, and opportunities have been created as a result from this campaign and will graphically display the sum of “closed won” opportunities compared to your budget, actual expense, and expected revenue. You can also view email opens and tracked links on an individual record. The can be seen in the History subpanel under the record in Sugar.

Q: What are impressions?
A: Impressions are defined as the number of times the email was loaded or viewed. There may be an issue with some versions of Sugar causing the impressions field to display “0”. If this is occurring, report this bug to Sugar’s support team.

Q: Can you assign more than one Campaign to a Lead? If so, how?
A: No. You are only allowed to associate one campaign for each lead. However, W-Systems can customize Sugar so that you can have multiple campaigns per lead, but this would not utilize Sugar’s campaign engine and would be custom.

Q: Are there any restricted CSS code Sugar will not accept?
A: Sugar's email template doesn't truly accept custom CSS. It might seem like it works in some cases when viewing it in preview mode, but the CSS will not get attached to the email once sent. And sometimes the CSS will actually get removed once you save depending on how it's loaded in. In Sugar 6.5, Sugar came out with a "HTMLPurifier" which strips the CSS out. There are tricks around this by removing the HTMLPurifier in Sugar's code and is something our engineers could configure for you if needed. The quickest solution is to only use HTML code in your custom email template.

Q: Can you convert a Workflow email template to a Campaign email template? Sugar’s Workflow template has more variables that you can insert for custom modules - so we'd like to be able to add those custom module fields to Campaigns.
A: No. Sugar’s campaign engine, including email templates, are completely separate from Workflow email alert templates. However, as a custom project, W-Systems can add additional functionality and additional email variables to Sugar’s campaign email templates.

Q: Can you re-run the reports to update target lists?
A: Sort of. You can re-add the same report or another report to the target list. If people on the report are already in the target list, it won’t duplicate them. It will only add new people. However, it won’t remove anyone from the target list.

Q: What settings control a Campaign to go out at set time and day?
A: When creating your email campaign, you are asked what day and time you want to send the email. Make sure you have setup your Sugar email and scheduler. Your Sugar administrator should be able to assist you with setting those up.

To register for the next SugarCRM User Group, click here. If you have any additional questions or want to learn more contact us here.

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