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Sugar User Group: Advanced Workflow

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on November 19, 2015

13 minute read

On November 17th, we had our Sugar Online User Group Meeting focused on Advanced Workflow.

Make sure to mark your calendar for our next Online User Group meeting on January 19th.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers. 

Still have more questions about Sugar? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer.

Our next meeting topic will be sent out at the beginning of November in our newsletter along with a separate invite. 


  • Last User Group Recorded Video Link
  • SugarCRM Company and Sugar News Roundup
  • Upcoming SugarCRM Training
  • Feature Topic: Sugar Advanced Workflow
  • Sugar Q&A Session

Slide Deck

Last Meeting

News Roundup

  • SugarCRM wins the Business Choice Awards 2015 for CRM
  • Bedrock Data Interview Series with Christian Wettre on the Evolution of CRM
  • SugarCRM Mobile had two updates since our last user group meeting. In 2.8.0 a number of new features and enhancements were added while the 2.8.1 release addresses bugs identified in prior releases.
    • Read the release notes for SugarCRM Mobile 2.8.0 for iOS and Android
    • Read the release notes for SugarCRM Mobile 2.8.1 for iOS and Android
    • The new features and enhancements that were included in 2.8.0 are:
      • Twitter Dashlet : The Twitter dashlet is now available for use in SugarCRM Mobile.
      • Sorting for Search and Select Views : When relating two existing records, the search and select view can be sorted by a selected field in ascending or descending order.
      • Filtering for Search and Select Views : When relating two existing records, the search and select view can be filtered using predefined filters or filters built in the desktop Sugar application. 
      • Filtering for Global Search : Users may filter the global search list view using predefined filters (i.e. All Records, My Favorites, My Records, and Recently Viewed). 
      • Filtering while Searching : Searches on list views, search and select views, and global search may be used concurrently with a subset of predefined filters (i.e. All Records, My Favorites, and My Records). 

SugarCRM Resources

Upcoming Training on Sugar University

SugarCRM On Tap in NYC – Thursday, November 19th 2-5PM

  • Spend this Thursday afternoon with us at Draught 55 Bar & Kitchen (245 East 55th Street in NYC)
  • Enjoy a selection of craft beer and appetizers while we show you the power of Sugar including Advanced Workflow, a world-class business process automation toolset.

Sugar Advanced Workflow


  • Sugar Advanced Workflow was introduced for Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Sugar 7.6 and later
  • Understanding Workflows vs Advanced Workflow
    • Workflows excel at simple "if-this-then-that" scenarios
    • Sugar Advanced Workflow goes even further by providing the opportunity to define conditional AND, OR, NOT, and ELSE statements. 

What Can Advanced Workflow Do That Workflows Cannot?

  • Intuitive Visual Design Canvas
  • Incorporate User Decisions
  • Multi-Step, Branched Workflows
  • Create Reusable Business Rules
  • Set Compound Logical and Mathematical Conditions
  • Visual Modeling by BPM/BPMN Standards
  • Re-execute, Re-assign, and Cancel Processes
  • Calculate Time-to-Complete Overall or by Step

Advanced Workflow Components

  • Process Definitions
  • Processes
  • Process Business Rules
  • Process Email Templates

Advanced Workflow Use Cases

  • Opportunity Close Process
  • Customer Onboarding
  • New Sugar License Added
  • Contract Renewal Process

Advanced Workflow Best Practices

  1. Design with the end in mind
  2. Document the entire process
  3. Test the Workflow
  4. Consider external impact such as automated emails or data manipulation
  5. Use Process Business Rules (PBR) as often as possible

Q4 Enterprise Upgrade Promotion

  • SugarCRM is offering Sugar Professional edition customers as with 100 seats or less, the opportunity to upgrade to Sugar Enterprise edition for $480 per seat. This limited-time offer is only available until December 31st, 2015. 
  • What are the benefits of upgrading to Sugar Enterprise? 
    • Sugar Enterprise and Ultimate edition version 7.6 enable businesses with sophisticated needs to better align their Sugar implementation with their key business objectives. 
    • The features included in Enterprise edition are: 
      • Advanced Workflow
      • Role-Based Views
      • Multi-Line Item Opportunity Management and Forecasting (aka Revenue Line Items)
      • Customer Portal
      • More Storage
      • Support
    • If you would like more information about this promotion contact us.

SugarCRM Questions & Answers

Can you do an overview of the approval and rejection options for activities?

The Approval and Rejection option for activities are associated to a workflow action advancing to the next phase such as, Approve a Discount, Assign a Lead, Lead Acknowledgement, etc…

With advanced workflows can you set up a system that runs a specific email every 30 days?

Yes, with Sugar Advanced Workflow you can set up a system that runs a specific email every 30 days.

In Process Definitions would updated records only (all) include new?

In Process definitions, both new and updated records are separate events.

Can Sugar Advanced Workflow be used as a standalone system? Can it be OEMed?

Sugar Advanced Workflow is part of Sugar and can not be used as a standalone system.  Sugar itself can be OEM’d.

Is there a way to see what records are in queue?

It is possible for administrative users that have access to the Process Management window to see what records are in on what track and where they are in the given process.

For example, if they are currently at a wait screen you can see where they are in the process.  If the process has already been completed, you can see the flow that the user took from start to finish to achieve the complete result set through the events process.

How long does it take to learn how to build Advanced Workflows?

Our suggestion is to start simple and take some of the easiest rules that you have today in workflow and begin to use those components, while referencing the information in the SugarCRM Support Portal and you can slowly build on as your build up more confidence. 

Can Round Robin be used in assignment?

The idea behind Round Robin is that it evaluates who the next person is for assignment and selects that particular person off of that list. 

It can be used in assignment across an entire team. In the workflow components you can bring up the team and then simple Round Robin through it.