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Sugar User Group: 5 Workflows to Automate Sales

by Katie Liesmann on November 6, 2015

4 minute read

Several weeks ago, our team hosted a webcast on the changes coming to workflows in 2016 and how Sugar can be used to automate sales processes. Because the changes are relevant to most of our customers, there were several questions about the new workflow tool. Here are the video recording and some of the questions we want to expand upon or didn’t have time to answer in the one-hour webcast session.

Sugar User Group Q&A

Which versions of Sugar are affected by changes coming to workflows?

SugarCRM plans to remove Workflow Manager from a version of Sugar to be released in 2016. They have yet to announce which specific release will contain the change, but we know that Workflow Manager won’t be totally gone until the end of next year. If you’re self-hosted, you control the upgrade process, so your instance will still contain Workflow Manager until you choose to upgrade.

What is happening to workflows in Professional if Sugar is removing Workflow Manager?

Sugar Professional will no longer have a workflow tool. If you want to stay on Sugar Professional, you can purchase Logic Hooks from W-Systems or build them with an in-house developer. Logic hooks can be built to replace your Workflows in Sugar. We suggest this for companies with just a few workflows that won’t require common admin edits to the workflow process.

What is the current Enterprise upgrade promotion? What are the terms and conditions of the current Enterprise upgrade promotion?

To make these changes easy for you, SugarCRM and W-Systems are offering a limited time discount on your upgrade from Professional to Enterprise. Contact W-Systems for more details.

What is the price of Enterprise after this deal is over?

The current list price of Enterprise is $780/license/year. Once your renewal comes around, you can choose to pay for Enterprise at $780. You can also revert back to Sugar Professional, but we typically advise against this since there may be associated downgrading costs for self-hosted customers.

What are the renewal terms of the current Enterprise upgrade promotion?

You can lock-in your licenses for up to five years at the price-guaranteed promotional value. Added licenses are not price guaranteed.

Does Advanced Workflows allow you to report on triggers or activities, such as rerouting a lead?

There are ways we can set up a report to show you how many times a workflow has fired or who triggered it. This is a customization and doesn't come out of the box with Advanced Workflows.

In Advanced Workflows, can you manage the order that leads are round-robined to sales reps?

No, you can't choose the order of users in round robin. But this functionality isn't really necessary due to the nature of round robin. In a round robin lead assignment rotation, each rep will get a turn to have a lead assigned to them. Another lead assignment option is to create conditionals so that the reps get leads associated with their specific region, skills, product knowledge, etc.

Can you do round-robin lead assignment in the legacy Workflow Manager tool?

No, without Advanced Workflows, round-robin can only be built with a customization built by a developer. Workflow Manager does not include this functionality.


If you have additional questions about changes coming to workflows in 2016, contact W-Systems here.

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