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Sugar User Group: 5 Can’t Miss Features in Sugar 8

by Roxana Rangu on May 30, 2018

5 minute read

On May 22nd, we performed a live demo of the top five features in Sugar 8 and how they can benefit your organization. Sugar 8 is the latest and greatest release from SugarCRM.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

If you have questions about Sugar, please feel free to contact us.


  • Recap of Last User Group Webinar
  • SugarCRM and W-Systems Announcements
  • Sugar Resources & Training
  • Feature Topic - 5 Can't Miss Features in Sugar 8
  • Q&A

Last User Group Meeting

March 2018: Sugar Integration to Vonage

W-Systems Announcement

W-Systems has been awarded SugarCRM North American Partner of the Year for 2018. 

News Roundup

eBooks and White Papers

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  • Recent eBooks and White Papers include:
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    • 4 Essential Tools for Remote Working

Sugar Releases: Sugar 8.0 (Sugar Spring '18 Update)

  • Available for On-Premise and On-Demand deployments of Sugar
  • Changes include:
    • New look and feel
    • Drill through report charts
    • Emails UI improvements
    • Product Catalog dashlet improvements
    • Data Privacy support
  • Release notes

Sugar Releases: SugarCRM Hint 4.0

SugarCRM Hint 4.0 includes an in-app tour for new installations and enables Sugar administrators to configure the Hint dashboard's visible fields and layouts.

Release Notes:

Sugar Releases: Sugar 8.0 Compatibility

Several products have been updated for the data privacy practices introduced in the Sugar Spring '18 (8.0) release, as well as fixes for issues identified in prior versions.

Release Notes:

SugarCon 2018: Las Vegas

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  • October 10th and 11th, Las Vegas, Nevada
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SugarCRM Resources

Sugar Resources by SugarCRM

Sugar Resources by W-Systems

Sugar University Training

Sugar University has gone through a small revamp and now has divided their training into three major sections:

5 Can’t Miss Features in Sugar 8

Sugar User Group Q&A

For GDPR support, is the data actually removed from the database in the final stages of completing that process?

Absolutely. If the request is to delete personal information, then it will be completely deleted from the CRM.

Many of my dashboards are running off of custom reports. Will that affect the drill through the ability of those dashlets?

Reports that are built using the standard tool in Sugar and displayed using the report dashlet, will be drill through compatible. If you have custom dashboards displaying reports, those may require additional customization to be compatible.

How will the upgrade from 7 to 8 be, compared to the 6 to 7 upgrade?

It's very difficult to predict how an upgrade will go, but regarding the new look and feel in Sugar 8, the changes are all CSS/HTML based--which means the upgrades from 7 to 8 theoretically should be easier than the upgrade from 6 to 7. But again, upgrades always require a health check to determine what the effort will be.

What is the upgrade process like?

The process to upgrade to Sugar 8 is simple and straightforward. It will request a backup of your Sugar instance or just admin login credentials. For any customizations that will require work to be compatible with Sugar 8.0, we will do the QA Testing in your Sandbox instance and then roll it up to production. Start the upgrade process by reaching out to your W-Systems contact or email us and we’re happy to engage in any upgrade project.

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