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Sugar Tips: Using ListView Dashlets in the Intelligence Pane

by Christian Wettre on March 30, 2015

2 minute read

Sometimes something really simple can be very useful. One of our often-used configuration solutions for SugarCRM is to utilize the ListView dashlet inside a record views Intelligence Pane. A user typically wants to see as much relevant information as possible on a single screen and preferably without having to scroll to get it. In an information system, such as SugarCRM sometime there can be very many subpanels stacked below a detailed record and end up being the ones at the very bottom. While users can drag and drop the panels to their position preference in Sugar 7.5, we find that using the ListView dashlet is best to present the information in some of the subpanels.

Here is a sample screen from our own SugarCRM system at W-Systems. When viewing an account record, we like to see the accounts license data and invoice history at a glance. We accomplish that by placing two ListView dashlets in the SugarCRM intelligence panel to the right of the screen.

Next, take a look at this short video that will take you through the process of adding these ListView dashlets to your own SugarCRM screens.

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