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Sugar Tips: SugarCRM Keyboard Shortcuts

by Christian Wettre on February 25, 2015

3 minute read

The SugarCRM user interface is all about offering fast and easy to use capabilities.

Here are some keyboard shortcuts that will speed you along when working in SugarCRM.

Anywhere in SugarCRM:

Press ’s’ to move the cursor focus onto the global search field to quickly enter a new search.

Press ‘c’ to open the quick create menu to add new contacts, leads, cases or calls.   Your administrator can configure the list of choices in the quick create menu from the admin panel.


While Working in Record Detail Views:

Press ’t’ to toggle the side intelligence panel on or off.

Press ‘e’ to put the detail record into full edit mode.

Press ‘d’ to delete the current detail record (if you have permission).

Press ’s’ to save the current record.

Press ‘h’ to open the previous record in the list context.

Press ‘l’ to open the next record in the list context.

Press ‘Shift-c’ to copy the current record.

Press ‘m’ to open the primary record action dropdown menu.

Press ‘?’ for a list of keyboard shortcuts.


Is there a particular task that you would like to see us turned into a Sugar Tip? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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