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Sugar Target and Target List Functionality with Act-On

by Paul Scondac on February 28, 2017

3 minute read

Act-On Marketing Automation was recently updated with the ability to send emails to Targets and Target Lists imported from Sugar. This enhancement will prove very useful to sales users who need to send email in bulk.

Note: You will need to have already imported Sugar Target Lists to Act-On to proceed. If you need help importing Sugar Target Lists as Marketing Lists in Act-On, take a look at this blog post detailing this process.

Sending Emails to Targets from Within Sugar

Make sure if you’ve done the following before attempting to send Act-On emails:

  • The Target List(s) to which you want to send emails have been imported to Act-On;
  • The records from the Target List(s) have been imported in the Targets module of Sugar.

From your Sugar instance, go to the Targets module, and select the records to which you want to send an Act-On email to. Then, click on the Actions dropdown and select Send Act-On Marketing Email.

A window with the Act-On Message composer will pop up. In some cases, your browser may block that pop-up. You will need to allow that pop-up, or feature will not be accessible.

You have the options to compose a new message from scratch, from a template, or from an already sent email.

Sending Emails to Target Lists from Within Act-On

After you’ve imported the Target List(s) you need to send emails to in Act-On, go to Contacts → Marketing Lists, and select the folder where you saved the Target Lists.

Scroll over the Target List to which you want to send an email, and click on the dropdown button to the right of the list. Then select Mailings to List → Send a Message to this List.

You will be taken to Act-On’s message composer, which has multiple options of creating an email (from scratch, using an existing draft, template, sent message, etc).

That concludes our guide on Act-On’s new features that focus on Sugar Targets and Target Lists. If you’d like to learn more about Act-On, sign up for our free live demo and interactive session.

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