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Sugar Showcase: wDocs (Document Automation for Sugar)

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia & Paul Scondac on August 23, 2017

4 minute read

On August 15th, we had our Sugar Showcase webinar highlighting wDocs, our tool to help you quickly create Microsoft Word templates that can be used to merge information from any module in Sugar into a presentation-quality documents. Document creation is one of the most effective functionalities to promote user adoption of CRM.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this webinar. Below is the video recording, slide deck, and Q&A.

If you have questions about wDocs or would like an individual demo, feel free to contact us.


  • Introduction
  • wDocs: Sugar Document Automation
    • Introduction
    • Use Cases
      • Proposals
      • Contracts
      • Account Profiles
      • Casework Orders
      • Mailing Labels
    • Availability and Pricing
  • Sugar Showcase Q&A Session

Slide Deck

Questions & Answers

How long does it take to install?

In Sugar, an extension like wDocs is delivered as a module, and a Sugar administrator can upload it. Uploading and installing this module can take up to 10 minutes. Going forward, you’ll need to create document templates. We have a whole series of sample templates that we give our customers to start from. Depending on the complexity of the document that you want to automate using wDocs, formatting and inserting the merge fields that you need can take a couple of hours (per document). Otherwise, the installation itself is pretty quick.

Can a standard Sugar administrator handle setting up document templates, or will we need assistance from W-Systems?

Normally, it doesn't require a programmer to do it. The merge fields have a syntax, so you’ll need to know field names. From our experience, a Sugar administrator should be able to create the document templates. We've had many of our customers create their own.

You could run into something more complex and might need our assistance, and we will happily support you through the creation of the template process. We also offer creating documents from scratch for you, as a paid service. There are also some examples in the wDocs User Guide, which can help provide more insight.

Does wDocs require any specific versions of Microsoft Word?

You will need a version of Word that supports the DOCX format (2007 or later). You’ll need to create a DOCX file because it creates an XML file so that it can be read in wDocs independently from Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word 2007 or above, either for Windows or Mac, will create those DOCX files by default.

Can you generate a merge automatically?

Yes. The use case, as demonstrated here, is that a user needs to merge a document to create a quote or a contract. But as a part of the wDocs module you can also create documents automatically, as part of Sugar’s Advanced Workflow process.

If you have Sugar Enterprise — which includes the Advanced Workflow tool — we have created new, Advanced Workflow elements that represent creating an action item to create a document. For instance, once you have an account record that switched status from "Prospect," to "Customer," that could trigger an automated process that automatically creates a series of onboarding documents and saves them in the Documents section of that account record. There are multiple use cases for automated merging, but you can build documents as a part of the automated processes and thus, build them automatically.

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