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Sugar Showcase: Sugar Product Roadmap

by Roxana Rangu on December 20, 2017

4 minute read

On December 12th, we outlined both near and long-term strategies for SugarCRM's product lines.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this webinar. Below is the video recording, slide deck, and Q&A.

If you have questions about Sugar or would like an individual demo, feel free to contact us.


  • 2017 Review
  • 2018 Focus
  • Release model
  • Support model
  • Roadmap
  • Summary

Slide Deck

Click here to view the presentation from our Sugar Showcase.

Questions & Answers

When will the Fall 2017 update be available for on-site customers?

Sugar Fall 2017 and (soon-to-be-released) Sugar Winter 2018 releases are On-Demand-only releases.

Sugar 8, targeted for release in Spring of 2018 will be available On-Premises and will include a roll-up of the features from both of the above versions.

We are excited about reporting changes. Any planned features around comparative data analysis?

We will look into making easier comparisons when we start working on the new report wizard interface.

There is a way to make a comparison even now using Matrix reports:

In this report, you can see the number of leads for each source and how they vary between the current and next quarter, for example. I also applied the filters, so I am restricted to the quarters I want to see.

There are other examples, but this is possible even today. If you can share a use case, we can try to see how to make it work. Matrix reports are not often used, and hence few people know how to use it.

Is there a plan for user notifications in the Sugar?

There’s no plan for notifications at the moment.  Activity stream supports mentioning (tagging) another user, and the user being mentioned seeing the feed in their activity stream.

As part of the SSO initiatives, will being able to reset your password from the mobile app be included?

Currently when you try to login mobile by not using SSO, then a reset password link does not appear.

If you use SSO on mobile, then depending on the identity provider login screen, you should be able to reset the password.

But there are no plans to introduce "reset password" functionality for non-SSO login.

When will Campaigns and Calendar module be built on the Sidecar framework?

We don’t have a target date for this. We have no plans to end support for such modules, and hence we do plan to revisit them, but it’s unlikely such work will be completed in CY2018.

Is SugarCRM considering facial recognition for the mobile app?

We would like to support it, but we’ll need to research what technical constraints there may be.

Is there a document that will tell us how our Sugar instance will be affected by upcoming changes before upgrades are applied?

Sugar publishes a knowledge base article for every release to help orient users of new Sugar version on what to expect after the upgrade. A link can be found in the new release announcement in Sugar Community and on the Sugar Support site.

For example,
Sugar Fall '17 (7.10) Release is Now Available

What to Expect When Upgrading to Sugar 7.10

When will Workflow be end of life?

SugarCRM remains committed to pulling Workflow from Sugar Professional edition but there is not a target date for this change. Current thinking is we’d like to offer 1-year notice when announcing such a date. Hence, the change is at least 1-year from now.

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