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Sugar Showcase: How to Get 10 Sugar Customizations for Free

by Roxana Rangu on December 26, 2018

7 minute read

In this webinar, we showcased how to go beyond Sugar’s out-of-the-box features and streamline your team’s daily CRM workflow with our collection of Sugar customizations.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Below is the video recording, slide deck, and Q&A.

If you have questions about wTools or Sugar and would like an individual demo, feel free to contact us.


  • Introduction
  • wTools: Sugar Enhancements Library
    • Why Customization Is Important
    • Overview of wTools
    • wTools Demo
    • How to get wTools for Free
  • Sugar Showcase Q&A Session

Slide Deck

Questions & Answers

Are the Colored Field colors chosen by the user or the admin? Can users highlight the fields they want to see most?

Based on your roles and permissions settings, it could be either admins or users. If non-admin users are not allowed to access colored fields or at least edit colored fields, that would be available only to the admin.

Please note that when you add a highlight to a field, those are then seen by everybody. If it’s for your own personal use and the record is assigned to you, feel free to do so, but just be conscious of the other users and how it may affect their everyday work inside of Sugar. 

For Colored Fields, can the color of the field be indicated based on Role Based Views?

Yes. Any field in Sugar has the ability to be seen or not, so based on how you set that up, other users could have the ability to see them, edit them and other users may not. It’s all depending on how you set up your instance.

Can you use multiple languages in Custom Buttons?

Yes, absolutely! Those buttons are configurable to say whatever you want them to say. You can name the field label for the button however you like, in any language, based on your Sugar instance.

Can you give other use cases for the SparkLine List Dashlet?

You can use the SparkLine List Dashlet on any number that you have data on and that you’d like to see a visual representation of how it changes every time. 

Based on how SparkLine works out of the box, you can enter any data on the backend of it. It can also be potentially customized to push from another system via an integration, but that would be a custom project. 

Examples could be tracking your budget, tracking the number of leads from different sources, tracking the number of calls and meetings, notes created by your sales reps, tracking support cases that are completed over time, and so on.

What are the costs to get wTools installed?

wTools is available to Sugar customers using US English language on either On Demand or On-Premise. The pricing is $120 per user per year and it does not have to match the Sugar instance license count.
For wCare customers, wTools is completely free. We provide free documentation to all wCare customers and it can be self-installed by your administrator. These are products that are easy to install and there’s no heavy lifting involved in that.

Is there a minimum user requirement for wTools?

There is a 10 user minimum requirement for wTools, but if a business has less than 10 users, they can still purchase wTools by paying the cost equivalent of the 10 user minimum. 

If I purchase wTools do I have to install all of the tools? 

Absolutely not. You can choose to adopt from one single wTool or all our wTools. However, we do recommend only choosing the ones that would be most beneficial for your organization.

How should I decide which tools are right for my organization?

If you’re a W-Systems customer, you can contact your account manager to help with answering any questions and determining the right tools. If you’re not a W-Systems customer, you can contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your particular use case.

How should I go about purchasing wCare?

We recommend going to our website, where you can find information on the program and request a quote.

How much does wCare cost?

It depends on the uses case for each customer. We sit down and discuss with the customer what their objectives are for the upcoming months and if it’s the first time we're going through, we come up with a number that we all agree upon and we move forward from there. If you’d like to discuss wCare further, please visit our wCare page.

Are the sticky filters in the Gauge Chart Dashlet at a global level or at the user level? 

In Sugar, you have the ability to copy out dashboards, and there are particular filters that are associated with those dashlets - those would be considered a global filter. Otherwise, if you’re creating that filter for yourself, that dashlet will be sticky just to the user.

Is the data in the Custom Notification Field searchable?

Not directly, however, you can configure it to be calculated off a normal text field that is searchable.

The Gauge Chart Dashlet in the demo shows only four rows in the configuration drawer while allowing the user to select a color for each division and its name. Can more than four divisions be handled by the gauge chart configuration? or does it depends on filter applied on the data being fetched?

No, as of this posting, you can not have more than four divisions handled by the gauge chart configuration.

Are Custom Buttons supported on the mobile app version also, or only on Sugar desktop?

In the default SugarCRM Mobile App, no.  However, this is something that we are currently working on with our own customized version of the SugarCRM Mobile App.  If you would like to know more feel free to contact us.

For colored fields, can you indicate the color of the fields based on the content of the field? For example, if a parent field on an account was shown could this change color based on specific data.

Yes, you can indicate the color of the field based on the content of the field. You can have a field which says what color the colored field uses, and you can use calculated formulas to have any logic you want to be used.

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