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Sugar Integrations with Zapier

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on January 18, 2016

8 minute read

Zapier is a web service that lets you easily connect the web apps you use, making it easy to automate tedious tasks.

Instead of waiting for third-party app developers to offer the SaaS integrations you need or hire expensive freelance programmers to build custom software for you can simply do it yourself with Zapier.

In this blog post, we will show you how to get started with using Zapier with Sugar and review what types of supported triggers and actions.

Zapier currently supports version 6.2+ of Sugar, and all editions including Community, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.

How to Get Started with Sugar in Zapier

  1. Once you login to Zapier in the upper right-hand corner click the profile photo and then select Connected Accounts.

  2. Select Connect new account and select SugarCRM

  3. The first item in the form is just a label. You can give it any name you like; it is just for your internal record keeping inside Zapier (it has no effect on which Sugar instance you add). However, you'll need to provide the correct Install URL, Username, and Password. The install URL should point to the base path where Sugar is installed.

    For example, if you open up your browser and log into your Sugar instance and see something like then your Install URL is exactly

  4. You should create a brand new admin account for Zapier in Sugar so that Zapier isn’t using your normal Sugar account.  For simplicity, we used the user name “zapier”.

    Be sure that you used an active email address because to retrieve the password, you'll need to log into your email account.
  5. Then just enter all the data into the Zapier popup and click continue.
  6. If everything works, Zapier will confirm that the test is good, and you can continue making your Zap!

What Sugar Triggers and Actions does Zapier Support?

Zaps are automations created using one Trigger and one Action.  A trigger is any event that sets your Zap in motion where an action is an event that’s completed in a second app automatically.

Sugar offers an extensive list of triggers and actions that are supported within Zapier including:

Supported Triggers

  • New Case - Triggers when you add a new case.
  • New Field - Triggers when you add a new field to a module.
  • New Contact - Triggers when you add a new contact.
  • New User - Triggers when you add a new user.
  • New Lead - Triggers when you add a new lead.
  • New Entry (Other Module) - Triggers when you add a new record or entry to a module.
  • New Opportunity - Triggers when you add a new opportunity.
  • New Module - Triggers when you add a new module.
  • New Task - Triggers when you add a new task.

Supported Actions

  • Create Case - Create a new case.
  • Create Task - Create a new task.
  • Create Lead - Create a new lead.
  • Create Contact - Create a new contact.
  • Create User - Create a new user.
  • Create Entry (Other Module) - Create a new record/entry for a module.
  • Create Opportunity - Create a new opportunity.

What are Some Popular Sample Zaps?

The true power of Zapier is unleashed when you create your own Zaps. However if you need inspiration, you can explore their Zapbook, which is a growing selection of popular Zaps that others have created.

A few popular things to do with Sugar include:

Give Zapier a try and let us know what you think. We would love to hear what kind of Sugar Zaps you create and how this integration allows for a better flow of data into your Sugar instance.

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