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Sugar Fall ‘19 is now Live

by Roxana Dicu on October 22, 2019

5 minute read

Sugar Fall '19 (9.2) has been released and is now available for all Sugar Cloud customers running Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional.

The Fall '19 release further advances Sugar’s robust suite of customer experience (CX) solutions, empowering your marketing, sales and service teams to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle for more meaningful, memorable experiences.

Read on as we highlight what Sugar Cloud customers can expect when logging into their updated Sugar Fall '19 instance!

Sugar Sell

  • Relationships to the Business Centers module have been added to Contacts, Leads, and Users, allowing business hour calculations to be leveraged in sales-focused SugarBPM processes (e.g. lead routing).
SugarCRM Business Centers module
  • Several stock SugarBPM process definitions which can be modified to suit your needs are now available:
    • Automatic Forecast Update automatically updates the related opportunity or revenue line items when a quote is closed.
    • Lead Routing automatically routes leads to sales representatives in the appropriate territory and sends the new owner a task due in one business day and an email notification.
    • Quote Discount Approval requests approval from the sales representative's supervisor when a quote is negotiated with a discount greater than 20%.
    • Stagnant Opportunity Reminder sends an email reminder to sales representatives when their open opportunity is 15 days away from its expected close date and if the opportunity does not close on time.
Sugar Process Definition

To learn more about the new features available for Sugar Sell you can view the full list of release notes here.

Sugar Serve

  • Knowledge base article search from Sugar Portal's Home page allows portal users better access to self-service issue resolution and case deflection prior to creating cases.
Knowledge base article

Administrators now have additional Portal configuration options:

  • Case deflection configuration: The home page search box may be disabled via the "Enable search before opening a case" option.
  • Contact creation via portal registration: Portal registration submission now creates a new contact record in Sugar. The contact's Lead Source field is automatically set to "Support Portal User Registration".
  • Display/hide modules in the navigation bar: Administrators now have the ability to control which modules appear in the portal's navigation bar.
Sugar Portal Editor
  • Portal contact information: The company's contact information (e.g. phone, email) can now be displayed for portal users requiring additional assistance logging into their account.
  • Portal logo: Administrators now have the ability to change the image that appears on the upper left of the portal screen by configuring the Logomark URL field.
Logomark URL field

Portal users can preview a record directly from the module's list view by clicking the Preview button to the far right of each record's row.

Sugar Portal Preview

Take a look at the new features available in Sugar Serve in the Fall '19 release notes.

Sugar Ultimate / Enterprise

Sugar customers who haven’t migrated to Sell or Serve yet benefit from the same Sugar Portal and SugarBPM upgrades mentioned above. However, if you want to take advantage of enhancements for sales or support teams, Sugar offers very attractive license migration terms. Reach out to us to learn more about upgrading to Sugar Sell or Sugar Serve.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you're interested in upgrading your instance to Sugar 9.2, or are due for Sugar Fall '19 if you're on Sugar Cloud and want to make sure all of your customizations are compatible, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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