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SugarCRM Fall ‘17 Release: What You Need to Know

by Katie Liesmann on October 24, 2017

3 minute read

On October 20th, SugarCRM released it’s On-Demand Fall ‘17 release (also known as 7.10). This is the first release for On-Demand customers only, and the first release following the new SugarCRM release model that was recently announced. If you aren’t already aware of the new release schedule SugarCRM is using to innovate it’s CRM products, you can get up to speed here.

Keep reading to see what’s new in the Fall ‘17 release.

Drill-Down Charts

Users can now double-click on a chart within the intelligence pane (sidecar panel) to drill down into chart data and get more details behind the numbers represented in the chart. Simply double click on chart segment to see the detailed records included.

Drill-Down Charts

Default & Shareable Dashboards

Admins can now set up default and team-specific dashboards to share with other users. This allows new users in your organization to start gaining insight more quickly than ever. There are also now around 30 out-of-the-box configured dashboards included with Sugar, which eliminate the amount of time an admin has to spend creating dashboards. Pre-configured, default, and team-specific dashboards can all be modified by users to be personally optimized.

Default & Shareable Dashboards

Redesigned Emails Module

The Emails module in Sugar has been updated to the sidecar UI framework (if you don’t know what this means, it’s developer lingo for the side panel in Sugar). The new look allows users to get a central view at all relevant email records. Users can filter to search for certain types of emails, and preview email records using the eye icon.

Redesigned Emails Module

Other Updates

Other enhancements in the Fall '17 release include:

SAML Enhancements

  • SugarCRM now offers support for a wider set of Identity Providers (Okta, OneLogin, ADFS, GoogleSSO) and have also provided a unified SSO setup experience on mobile and web app giving users a simplified user experience – users can now log into Sugar from Okta (or other Identity Providers).

Metadata Improvements

  • System-wide changes made by the admin such as modifying labels, changing currency settings etc should no longer trigger metadata cache rebuilds resulting in reduced number of times the end user will be logged out of the system.

UX Improvements

  • The Contracts, Currencies, Shipping Providers, Tax Rates, Contract Types and Manufacturers modules have been migrated to Sugar’s Sidecar UI framework.
  • Advanced Workflow Business Rules have been given a new design and now have drag and drop reordering functionality giving users a productive way to create and update rules as business policies change.

The Fall '17 release is a great example of how SugarCRM is using the new release schedule to deliver innovation more often to its users. The next On-Demand quarterly release, Winter ‘18, will be early next year. To read all the details on Fall ‘17, check out the full documentation from SugarCRM here.