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Sugar 7 Upgrade Process for OnDemand Users

by Amanda Anderson on March 28, 2014

4 minute read

Last week W-Systems employee Aaron Wine hosted a webcast on the Sugar 7 upgrade process for Sugar users hosted OnDemand (SugarCRM’s hosting platform). Sugar released version 7 at the end of 2013 but was only available to brand new users. The 7.2 release is the first 7.x version to be opened to all existing, new, OnDemand, and on-premise customers. In the webcast, Aaron focuses on the upgrade process for Sugar users hosted OnDemand since they will be automatically upgraded instead of opting in like the on-premise users.

Release Timeline and Process

The latest word from Sugar is that Sugar 7 upgrades for OnDemand will begin April 23rd. OnDemand companies will be assigned a letter for their upgrade order. It is unknown if customers will be notified of their level grade. However, companies can determine what letter they will be from the descriptions below.

  • A Class = Version 7.1.5 and version 6.7 with no customizations
  • B Class: Version 6.7 with customizations made only through Studio
  • C Class: Version 6.7 with customizations including custom modules loaded through the Module Loader and/or Module Builder
  • D Class: Version 6.5 and Version 6.7 with code level customizations that passed the package scanner. It is likely that the D group won’t be upgraded until 7.5

Version 7.5 is scheduled to be released late in the 3rd quarter of 2014. If you aren’t sure what version of Sugar you are on, you can find this information in your Sugar instance. Click the About link from the top right of the navigation bar in Sugar. Your version will be displayed at the top of that screen.

All admins will receive an email notification one week before the upgrade is scheduled to take place. At this time, customers may request an upgraded clone instance. We highly recommend customers to request a cloned instance to do proper testing of their live instance on 7.2. If you requested a cloned instance, you can push back your scheduled upgrade up to four weeks to allow time for testing. During this time, check that all data is there and that all of your customizations are working correctly. Please note that schedulers and workflows will be turned off in the cloned environment to prevent any alerts or emails going out unintentionally. If you need to test the schedulers or workflow rules, make sure all outgoing email is turned off and then you can send a request/support ticket to Sugar to have it turned on.

To request a cloned instance, submit a ticket to Sugar through the portal. You can do this by clicking the support link at the top right of your navigation bar in Sugar.

Customers may delay the upgrade if legitimate concerns are present. You must submit these concerns through the portal and they must be major concerns for the upgrade to be delayed until 7.5 is released.

If you’d like help testing your instance on 7.2, you can purchase a health check from W-Systems. A health check is support time that will check your cloned instance for issues and give blueprints for fixing custom solutions.

To learn more about W-Systems' Sugar 7 upgrade health check, contact us here.

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