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Sugar 7.6 Introduces Role-Based Views and Deeper D&B Integration

by Katie Liesmann on June 19, 2015

3 minute read

Sugar 7.6 was officially released today for general availability. Though W-Systems has already completed several deployments on Sugar 7, each new release allows more of our customers to make the upgrade from Sugar 6 to 7. Our engineers couldn’t wait to test out Sugar 7.6 at SugarCon. At the UX Lab, attendees were able to test the usability of the new release as well as get a sneak peek at innovative features to be included in Sugar 7.7. Outside of the UX Lab, our engineers attended UnCon, the developer portion of the conference. There they learned from Sugar’s core development team and discussed methods for developing within the Sugar 7 framework. Some of the feature enhancements in the Sugar 7.6 release include:

  • Calls and Meetings modules are no longer in backwards compatibility mode and follow the sidecar framework.
  • Users can now filter date fields based on Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow values.
  • New enhancements to the D&B for Sugar integration include ability to import up to 25 accounts at once and pagination within the “Import and Enrich” and “Contact Information” dashlets.
  • The list views and sub-panels can now be resized by expanding and collapsing the columns. Admins have the ability to set a default column size, but individual users can adjust it to their own preferences within the list view. Your browser will use cookies to remember your width preferences every time you come back to that page.
  • External RSS feed dashlets can be displayed in dashboards and in the intelligence pane. Once you enter the URL of the feed, you can customize the dashlet based on the number of entries shown and how often the feed should refresh.

Additional features in the Enterprise edition of 7.6 include:

  • A new workflow editor, known as Process Author, allows system admins to design and build business process workflows using an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface without any programming knowledge.
  • Ability to create Revenue and Opportunity Line items simultaneously.
  • Admins now have the ability to set up role-based record views in Studio.
  • Admins can control dropdown options based on roles.

We recommend that each customer perform a Healthcheck before they upgrade. During a Healthcheck, an engineer reviews your system to determine how the upgrade will affect your Sugar system and any customizations it contains. In the end, we will provide a complete upgrade plan with recommendations. If you upgrade to 7.6 without a Healthcheck, getting broken elements fixed can be more expensive than identifying them ahead of time. For more information on version 7.6 read the full release notes here. If you are still on Sugar 6, it’s time to start thinking about getting upgraded. Contact us here if you’re ready.

D&B and SugarCRM’s business relationship was discontinued in late 2016.