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Tracking Subscriptions in SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on February 24, 2017

2 minute read

Does your business incorporate subscription services and renewals into its business model? Would you like to use Sugar to help you manage these and potentially increase your renewal rate? If this rings true, keep reading. To manage subscriptions and renewals in Sugar some organizations add additional fields to Sugar’s Accounts module. Unfortunately, this clutters the Account view and these fields are unlikely to be consistently updated by sales reps. In one custom project, W-Systems built a subscriptions module as an alternative solution. This custom subscriptions module automates the subscription and renewal processes by tracking what products & services customers have purchased, whether the subscriptions are active or not, and when they are set to expire. The subscriptions module works by creating a “Subscription Record” for every new Opportunity (or Revenue Line Item) created. All of the Subscription Records related to an Account Record are shown in the “Subscriptions” subpanel on an Account Record View.

Tracking Subscriptions in SugarCRM 

Above is an example of an Account in our Sugar instance that has an Active Sugar Enterprise Subscription, a monthly hosting subscription, and who formerly was on Sugar Professional. At a quick glance, someone coming to this panel can understand this Account's purchase history and current product subscriptions. Having this information in your CRM creates the following benefits:

  • Increased transparency into Accounts and quick access to their current and previous product subscriptions
  • Ability to segment database records based on active, expired, or canceled product subscriptions
  • Potential to increase renewal rate
  • Workflows that send email alerts to sales reps 30 days before subscriptions expire
  • Tracking and reporting on related fields such as payment terms, payment methods, currency, subscription statuses, days to renew, etc.
  • Workflows that automatically update subscription information, keeping CRM data up to date

To learn more about this subscription module customization, reach out to the W-Systems team here.

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