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Subpanel Suppression Control

by Craig Cavanaugh on May 31, 2016

6 minute read

Sugar’s strongest feature is its ability to present a large amount of timely and relevant data to users on each record.

If you access a Customer record in Sugar, you have access to all of that record’s data fields, its related records (Contacts, Meetings, Calls, Emails, Documents, Sales, etc.), and Dashboard metrics. 

All of this information is presented in a single browser page where everything you need is just one click away. The challenge becomes how to organize this information in a layout where you don’t have to scroll up and down to see most of the data.

No user wants to see a record screen so long that two-thirds of the information is below their desktop screen.

Shown below is a Sugar screen that has not been organized for maximum viewability. As you can see most of the field data, related subpanels records and Dashboards are well below the user’s viewing area (green rectangle). There are scroll bars to allow the user to get to the bottom of the screens but’s a long way down (see tiny red circles).

There are three obvious issues with the above screen.

  1. The Fields on the Account Record are all on one screen, rather than Tabbed into multiple smaller screens.
  2. The Dashboard on the right is too busy. All the objects are stacked, and the user needs to scroll all the way down to see most of it.
  3. The Subpanels of related record are all the way at the bottom. Thanks mostly to issue number one above.

Let’s Get Organized

The Fields on the Account Record can be set as Tabs to reduce the vertical size of the top half of the record.

The Dashboard can be broken up into several Dashboards and made accessible via a drop-down list.

As shown below, these two changes make a big difference on how the Account Record fills out the screen.

The user can now see the most relevant data in the first Tab (see green oval), yet have easy access to other screens which are defined in the Tab names.

The Dashboard charts and objects have been broken into multiple Dashboards and relabeled. The Sales Dashboard is the most import to this system and can be seen clearly on the first load of the Account Record. A drop-down list (see green circle) allows the user to click on the others.

If we compare this screen to the user’s viewing area (green rectangle), we now have an organized Account Record screen that is much easier to read. We’ve eliminated the extreme scrolling that existed on the previous layout ...

... almost.

The Problem

We still have one problem. Too many Subpanels are still below the user’s Viewing area. This is not something easily fixable in Sugar. 

We can’t eliminate any more fields on the main Tab screen. We can’t disable a few Subpanels or else the user won’t be able to see those related records when viewing an Account.

What we need is a way to move some of these Subpanels into different screens, as we did for the top fields via Tabs.

The Solution

Let me introduce you the W-Systems Subpanel Suppression Control.

Our Subpanel Suppression Control allows a Sugar Admin to control which Subpanels appear on which record Tabs.

You can control which Subpanels to turn off and on per Tab AND per Module. See that first dropdown? The Subpanel Suppression Control works for any Module that can have Tabs set in Studio.

Shown below, the Subpanel Suppression Control allows our problem Subpanels to be split up among the Account Record’s Tabs.

The ‘Overview’ Tab only shows Product, Company, Contact, and Document related records

The ‘Activity’ Tab shows all the Activity related records.

The ‘Financial Data’ Tab shows no Subpanels. Showing no Subpanels for larger screens is very helpful.

A quick look back at our overall Account Record screen and we look a lot better. Extreme scrolling eliminated!

The Subpanel Suppression Control is an add-on product installed by W-Systems (part of our wTools Product Library) that is then accessible in your Sugar’s Administration Center.

After installation, you’ll then see a link where you can access and configure it.

When clicking on the above link you’ll be brought into the Subpanel Suppression Control Settings screen.

These are the benefits and behavior of the Subpanel Suppression Control:

  • Allows you to suppress Subpanels conditionally based on Record Tabs.
  • Subpanels can appear in more than one Record Tab. For example, in our screens above, I could have shown the Products Subpanel on both the ‘Overview’ Tab and the ‘Activity’ Tab if I wanted to.
  • Specific Subpanels can be limited from all Tabs. Ever have a Subpanel you couldn’t get rid of on a standard Sugar Module – even through Studio? The Subpanel Suppression Control can remove it.
  • The Subpanel Suppression Control works with the Many side of both One-to-Many and Many-to-Many relationships.
  • Works with Standard and Custom Modules.
  • Works with Sugar versions 7.5 and higher.

The Subpanel Suppression Control is a great addition to your Sugar screen design needs. Combine it with Tab usage and an organized intelligence Pane, and you’ll have a balanced Record Screen layout for any Module.

Take a look at some of the projects and integrations that we have done for our customers. If you are interested in learning more or having W-Systems work on a custom solution for your company, please contact us.