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Sparkline List Dashlet for Sugar

by Richard Tinca on January 17, 2017

3 minute read

The Sparkline List Dashlet is a new dashlet designed to be used on list views, similarly to the standard List View dashlet.

Our custom dashlet enables users to view a list of records from a specific module in Sugar, along with graphic representation on top of each column. Please note that the graphic representation is only available for the following field types:

  • Decimal
  • Float
  • Currency
  • Integer


You will need to install the Sparkline List Dashlet from Studio if you have administrator privileges or ask your Sugar admin to install the package.

After the dashlet has been installed, go to any records list where you wish to create the dashlet. In this example, we are going to create a Sparkline List Dashlet in Marketing Metrics.

Follow the steps below to add a Sparkline List Dashlet:

1. From the List View, click the Create button on the right side (as pictured below).

2. Click Add Row, and then Add a Sugar Dashlet.

3. Select Sparkline List Dashlet.

Configuring the Sparkline List Dashlet

The dashlet titles vary, depending on the module selected when adding the dashlet (in this case, My Marketing Metrics).

The dashlet title automatically changes if you want to change the module from the drop-down menu. Please note that you're able to rename the dashlet’s title at any time.

By default, all columns from the selected module are displayed. However, you can remove any column if you don’t want to include all of them.

If Include Movement Indicators is enabled, an upwards green or a downwards red arrow is displayed next to columns with number types. Which arrow is displayed is calculated by comparing the current value in the same column but in the previous date array position.

Data Sets Needed to Calculate the Chart lets you establish how many rows are used to draw the chart displayed above the Sparkline List’s rows. For example, should you select 5, the first five rows will be used to generate the chart.

Chart Line Color and Chart Body Color allow you to select the colors for the chart’s outline, and respectively the body color.

Order Data Sets By lets you sort entries by the Date/Datetime Fields present in the selected module.

Display Rows enables you to configure how many rows you wish to display in the dashlet. If you select 0 rows, only the charts will be shown.

Auto Refresh determines the time frame in which the dashlet query automatically refreshes.

With Create Filter, you can filter records by certain criteria. For instance, you can filter results by Assigned User, as seen below.

With the Sparkline List Dashlet set up, see the image below for a preview of how the fully configured dashlet looks like.

We’ve also setup the dashlet in My Dashboard, to get a more comprehensive view of data.

The Sparkline List Dashlet is a part of our wTools Customizations for Sugar. Contact us if you'd like us to deploy it for you, or learn more about our wTools products.