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Some Small SugarCRM Tweaks

by James McGirr on September 3, 2009

3 minute read

I decided to change two small things that have always kind of bothered me with SugarCRM. One is that the main logo is not a link back to the homepage. It's practically a web standard to have the main logo link back and I would estimate that 99% of websites do this. I find myself clicking on the logo in the upper left-hand corner all the time when trying to navigate quickly to the home page and it tends to drive me a little crazy that it's not a link. To fix this, you must edit the file header.html found in each of the themes' directories. At W-Systems we all use the same theme, so we need edit only a single file and it's simply a matter of adding an anchor tag to the company logo image. 

To improve the titles, I decided to just prepend the name of the module to the current title being used. Thus if we are in Contacts, our title will now say “Contacts | W-Systems”. To do this, simply set LBL_BROWSER_TITLE to whatever you want inside of the file themes/Sugar/header.php before the variable $app_strings is assigned and voila, nicer page titles. If you really want to get fancy you could grab the current record id and action and customize the title to say for example--Editing John Doe | Contacts | Your Company.

Both of these little tweaks take about 5 minutes to implement and although they don’t dramatically change the way you use your CRM, they are nice to have and do come in handy from time to time.

I feel I must also point out that neither of these mods are upgrade safe. I also suspect that Sugar has made many changes to the themes and templates in SugarCRM 5.5 and so when that comes out these features could possibly be introduced. But perhaps they won’t be, and in either case, I simply could not wait.

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