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How a Software Firm Uses SugarCRM for Marketing

by Katie Liesmann on January 7, 2016

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Having the CRM as a real-time reference for Marketing allows a software firm to have information at its fingertips about lead status, customer projects, follow-up, and more without having to interrupt our sales team. Instead of bothering a rep at his/her desk, or sending them another email to clutter their inbox, they can simply pull up the appropriate record in Sugar.

Workflows keep leads from slipping through the cracks, which is very important to marketing since they work hard to get qualified leads through the door.

When a new lead is pushed to Sugar from their marketing automation platform, their marketing team receives an email alert so they can qualify and assign the lead out. Once the lead is assigned to a rep, that rep receives an email alert and a task is automatically created for them to complete follow-up within 24 hours. If the lead remains untouched after 24 hours, the sales rep and manager are both notified.

They also use a round-robin customization in Sugar to assign leads to reps. This ensures lead assignment is always done fairly. To evenly distribute leads, they assign a lead to a user called “Round Robin” instead of a specific rep, and this automatically assigns it to the next rep in the cycle.

To Track Campaign ROI

By creating a Campaign record in Sugar for each marketing campaign they run, this software firm can learn a lot about its webcasts, live events, email campaigns, and marketing content. New leads are tagged with the appropriate Campaign automatically through their Web form.  They can then measure the number of leads, the dollar amount of opportunities, and the lead quality that a certain campaign produced. The only way to improve our campaigns is by gathering these metrics, testing new strategies, and then analyzing the results.

To Track Leads & Improve Lead Quality

Their marketing automation platform is integrated with our Sugar instance. This integration allows them to retain unqualified leads in our marketing automation system and only push marketing qualified leads into Sugar. Once leads enter the system, they can track the entire lifecycle of a lead from “New” until it’s converted to an opportunity, or marked as ”Dead” from within Sugar.

To Get a Bird’s Eye View of Sales Activity

Outside of their weekly sales-marketing meeting, it would be hard for this marketing team to keep up with what their Sales reps are doing on a daily basis if it wasn’t for their CRM. With a quick glance at our “Sales Dashboard”, the team can get a bird’s eye view of how leads are performing, lead quality, and lead conversion rates. They created this by creating custom reports and placing them on the homepage Dashboard using the Saved Report Dashlet.


To Enforce Data Entry

They also use Sugar to track industry, company size, and which software products each Lead and Contact use. This data is critical to help them improve campaign performance. If this data doesn't get updated, this can lead to conflict between sales and marketing when a lead get’s an email that doesn’t apply to them. So in order to minimize this type of conflict, they use this scenario to drive data entry of the fields we use for segmenting their marketing lists.

Prove Our Value

Don’t make any assumptions--the sales and marketing teams at this company are great at communicating with each other! But at the end of the day, it’s still important to have proof in numbers that the marketing team is pulling our weight in the sales funnel. Not only for sales, but for the entire company and for ourselves. You can’t be sure you are performing your best without having the metrics to prove it.

How does your marketing team use your CRM? Do you do anything out-of-the-box? Tell us all about it here.

In this series, we are giving our customers and readers insight into how a software firm uses Sugar internally.