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Smart Data with Sugar + Dun & Bradstreet

by Chris Meyer on January 6, 2016

8 minute read

Dun & Bradstreet provides premium account information through a pre-configured Sugar plug-in.

Rich and timely account information can be displayed as a dashboard, most commonly at the account record view.

The information provided by D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) can be used from initial account entry, through prospecting, to account management and cross/up sell opportunities.

The tour below will show the Premium D&B features available for Sugar.

D&B: Import and Enrich

D&B data can be used to quickly and easily load initial account information.

Start by creating an account record with the account name.

Note that the record was created with minimal information … just the account name.

The D&B Account dashboard can be seen on the right.

Much of the information needed to initiate an account can be accessed and imported using D&B Import & Enrich functions.

Since we don’t have much information about the account, we will select, "Click here to search for company by company name only".

The D&B connector will search the extensive D&B database and return relevant accounts based upon the account name of the record opened.

We want to review the information for the first result: 3M Company.

After the 3M Company is selected field-level information the following information appears:

Users can “Upload” each field of interest … or simply select Import and all fields will be loaded into the account record.

Once Import is selected, the Account record is updated.

NOTE: This step should be completed before accessing the additional information dashlets. Many of the other dashlets use the SIC Code and/or DUNS number, so having these values populated will make additional research more productive.

D&B: Company Information – Premium

A lot of Company Information is accessible via this panel:


D&B: Contact Information - Premium

Once the Account information is setup, users can use the Contact Information to dashlet to review and import D&B contacts for the relevant account.

Select the contact that you want to review. Then, to add the contact to your Sugar application, select IMPORT.

A contact record is created and loaded with all the information available from D&B. Select SAVE to save the record to Sugar.

Note that the contact is automatically added to the account that was researched.

D&B: News

D&B tracks and manages a significant amount of news for larger companies.

You may review recent items and look at detailed information for articles from numerous sources using the D&B: News dashlet.

Additionally, D&B provides links to various social media systems including Linked In and Facebook. You may review these social media listings by choosing the Social Media tab on the D&B: News dashlet.

D&B: Competitors

Using the D&B: Competitors tab can provide information regarding the top competitors of the account under research.

This information can be used to further your prospecting efforts, or it can be used to identify companies that might be suitable targets for similar offerings.

D&B: Financial Information

Several types of financial information are tracked & maintained by D&B for larger corporations. Access to their rich assets for Market Analysis, Income Statements, and Basic Financials can be accessed via the D&B: Financial Information dashlet.

D&B: Industry Information

Extensive detailed information can be found in the D&B: Industry Information dashlet.

This detail can be used to refine marketing, sales, or service approaches to your most valuable clients and prospects.


D&B has provided a large window, directly into Sugar, from which to view their rich information resources for specific accounts and industries.

W-Systems is ready to help you accelerate your marketing and sales efforts using the power of Sugar and D&B research. Let us know if you would like to discuss and review how this integration between Sugar and the leader in business information.

D&B and SugarCRM’s business relationship was discontinued in late 2016.

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