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Slack Integration for SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on May 10, 2016

4 minute read

Note: This post is about a customized version of our Sugar integration for Slack.

Have you heard about Slack? It seems like it’s THE communication tool to have right now. It’s a group messaging tool that allows you to create several different channels of communication. And it’s free. So businesses everywhere are using it to communicate with each other internally. One of our engineers built a customized integration between Slack and Sugar so that it could be used as another access point for Sugar. Here are five cool things you can do with this custom integration:

Create Records from Slack

Using pre-set commands users can create any record type in Sugar. For example, to create a new Lead Record, a user would type “/suleadcreate” followed by the lead’s detailed info, and a new Lead is created in Sugar. The Slack interface will show you what information to enter after the command, like in the image below.

Create Records from Slack

Give Access to Anyone

Because Slack is a free tool, it’s inexpensive to provide access to anyone in your organization or anyone you might work on projects with. Whether it’s employees, customers, partners, suppliers, or vendors--you can communicate with them on topics that are relevant to them and keep everyone on the same page. The integration allows people outside your organization to pull information from Sugar such as contact info and project status, or even create support tickets.

Adjust Permissions Per Channel and Per User

You can adjust access levels for each Slack channel and user by varying their permissions to use different commands. For example, you will probably only want employees to be able to create most record types, but you might give customers access to create support cases. You might want engineering to only be able to create Case records, while you would let your sales team create other types of records such as Leads and Opportunities.

Automatically Save Conversations & Documents

At the end of each day, Slack messages are auto saved into Sugar under the appropriate Account and Contact records, so that nothing ever slips through the cracks. Documents that are shared within Slack are also automatically uploaded to Sugar.

Get a Kick Out of Slack-Bot

Slackbot is an auto response robot inside Slack that helps you with small questions you might have. We added in some functionality so that he will let you know that you have successfully created a new Sugar Record, and he is also the one that will “retrieve” the information you ask for from the Sugar Database. But he’s also fun to just chat with.

Get a Kick Out of Slack-Bot

How do you communicate internally? Does your communication system integrate with Sugar? To learn more about this customized version of our Sugar integration for Slack, reach out to our team here.

W-Systems' Sugar integration for Slack was discontinued on July 17, 2017 due to changes in Slack's API. If you are looking to implement an integration between Sugar and Slack on your Sugar instance, W-Systems can build you a custom integration. Please contact us here for details.

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