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Signups to Sugar – New Functionality in Act-On’s Forms Composer

by Paul Scondac on July 18, 2017

3 minute read

Picture this scenario: You are an Act-On Marketing Automation user who frequently creates forms for webinar registrations, ebooks and white paper downloads, video demos, etc. You also use Sugar as your CRM, and all of your forms signups are pushed automatically into Sugar as leads.

What would happen when someone fills out a form to watch a demo, signs up for a webinar, and then later registers for another webinar?

Normally, only one lead would be created, but every time that person signs up for your organization’s content, previous sign-up data in Sugar would be overwritten. This would lead to your sales team not having complete information about that person’s interests: what if he/she attended a webinar highlighting a product, but then watched a demo of another product? What if that person’s organization already uses one product, and is interested in buying another one as well?

Pushing Form Submissions to Sugar as Separate Leads

Recently, Act-On’s Forms Composer (both the classic and the new version currently in beta) has been updated to support pushing form submissions to Sugar as separate records, even if there already is another record with the same email address.

The philosophy behind this feature is that you can have multiple leads coming from the same person, and your sales team may prefer keeping form submissions as separate Sugar records, instead of the same record with an added Notes.

Setting this functionality up is very straightforward, both in the Classic Forms Composer and in the New Forms Composer (Beta):

Classic Forms Composer

From your Act-On instance, go to Content → Forms. Create a new form using the classic composer, or edit an existing one. Then, from the Composer window, go to Settings, and check the last box under Sign-ups to Sugar (see screenshot below).

New Forms Composer (Beta)

In the new composer, in the Properties tab, go to CRM Settings, and check the last box.

Note: you should check this option for all of your existing forms. Otherwise, form submission information will be overwritten.

As an example, you can see registrations two of our upcoming webinars which have this option enabled, allowing the form submissions to be pushed as separate lead records in our Sugar instance.

If you’d like to learn more about this functionality or Act-On in general, sign up for our free live demo and interactive session.