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Sharing Records in Sugar

by Lynn Catterson on November 15, 2016

2 minute read

Sugar has an option available in most modules to share information with your co-workers. It’s available for selection from the Edit menu in the record view as shown below.

The Share option on the Edit menu will generate a draft email message including a web link. This is an easy way to share information with your co-workers.

If the email recipient is logged into Sugar, then the link will bring them straight to the page you shared.  The email recipient must be an authorized Sugar user to be able to access your data from the hyperlink.

The Share option is available when viewing an Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Call, Meeting, Task, Note, Knowledge Base article, Case, and even custom modules.  Why retype or copy and paste, when you can just send a link for a colleague to see all the information at his or her fingertips? 

We hope you’ll find this functionality helpful!

Note: Outgoing email settings must be configured for this functionality.  If you can’t already send email from Sugar, discuss this with your Sugar Admin or Sugar consultant.  Admin rights are required to access these settings. Documentation on Outgoing Mail Configuration can be found in the Sugar Online Support Site.