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Scanning Business Cards into Sugar

by Christian Wettre on July 7, 2015

3 minute read

Business Cards are alive and well. We often get the question on how to best scan these cards and enter them into Sugar. A few years back, small scanner devices like CardScan were popular for this purpose, but these standalone scanners have in recent years lost out to apps we carry with us on our smartphones.

Our app of choice for this purpose is ScanBizCards Business Card Reader by CircleBack. I met their VP of Technology, Fabrice Guillaume at a tradeshow in New York a few years back and have been using and recommending their tool ever since.

Here is a quick video on how this works on an iPhone. We will open the ScanBizCards app, snap a picture of my business card, process it and send it to Sugar.

That is all there is to it. With this tool you can get through that stack of business cards from your latest event in no time.

ScanBizCards Business Card Reader is available for both iOS and Android devices (click on the correct button to download the app).

In order to export to Sugar, make sure you select the Premium editions I linked to and not their Lite editions.

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