Reporting on Sugar Data by Week

by Gail Darling on November 4, 2015

Sugar has some wonderful standard reports, like Opportunities Won by User and New Cases by Month. But Report filters don’t have the option to filter by week. W-Systems has made it easy to do that by creating some additional Calculated Fields functions:

  • weekStartDate: returns the first day of the week for a selected date
  • weekEndDate: returns the last day of the week for a selected date
  • weekNumber: returns the week number for a selected date

We can use the weekNumber to solve our problem. Let’s add a calculated field to the Opportunities module to illustrate how this works:

When the Opportunity is closed and the Close Date is entered, the Week Number will be automatically updated.

To use this in reporting just set a filter on Week Number. For “This Week” you can Google ‘what is today's week number’ and get a quick answer with the number you need.

You can also group by Week Number to get a nice chart that shows closed opportunities by week over time. The Close Date column will give you the actual dates corresponding to the week number.

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Gail Darling
CRM Consultant at W-Systems
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