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Report on all Activities in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on December 9, 2011

2 minute read

One of the more common requests from our clients is to enable them to run a single report on all activities in SugarCRM. Activities include emails, tasks, meetings, notes, and calls. Sugar out-of-the-box, only allows users to report on a single activity. For example, you can report on how many calls your sales reps made last month, but you can’t see the number of calls made and meetings scheduled from the same report.

The Solution: W-Systems built a module in SugarCRM called “All Activities”. This module holds all activities (emails, notes, tasks, meetings, and calls) that exist in the database from every user.

Because the Activities Module stores everything in one place, Sugar can now generate a detailed report from the data.

Generating All Activity Reports: Once the new module is in place, an option for the All Activities Module will now exist when creating a report.

Users can now choose all or some activities to report on. Also, there are a variety of parameters/filters to choose from such as time frame, users and teams, related modules, and status. The end result displays multiple activities associated with a user depending on the filters you select. The report below shows all of the users that have created a meeting, task, or note this month.

When hovering over a color block in the chart, additional details will show. For example, in the chart above, the number of notes is displayed as well as the percentage that number represents from all of the user’s activities created. For more information about reporting on all activities in SugarCRM, contact us here.