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Remote GoldMine Service UNC and Virtual Drive Configuration

by Daniel Ciobanu on April 28, 2015

7 minute read

Configuring Remote GoldMine Service with SystemDir as UNC path or Virtual Drive can be challenging. In this article, we’ll analyze these scenarios and point out some solutions that might be used when addressing such problems.  

For more information about Virtual File System, please you can also reference a previous blog post we wrote about wMobile Virtual File System Configuration.

Scenario 1: SystemDir is an UNC Path that Points Back to Local Computer

In most cases, the Remote GoldMine Service will be configured to use an UNC path or a mapped drive that points back to the local machine. In such cases, the GoldMine API will be loaded using the RGMSUser created when the Remote GoldMine Service was installed. In order to successfully load the GoldMine API, the RGMSUser needs Read/Write permissions on the GoldMine SystemDir folder, but it has no such permissions by default. Because the folder is accessed through a share, the following rule applies:

When you combine shared folder permissions and NTFS permissions, the more restrictive permission is always the overriding permission.

So, we should make sure that RGMSUser has NTFS Read/Write permissions and Read/Change share permissions on the shared folder. This will prevent error messages like:

Failed to load license file


Cannot find the GoldMine license file

Let’s look at an example to better understand the scenario described above. We’ll assume that GoldMine is installed on a computer called VMHOST in the shared folder like below:

You’ll need to make sure that the RGMSUser NTFS permissions on the shared folder include Read and Modify as you can see in the figure below:

Also, you will need to check that the RGMSUser share permissions for the folder shared include Change and Read:

If both types of permissions are granted correctly you should not see any errors related to accessing the GoldMine license file.

Scenario 2: SystemDir Uses a Mapped Drive that Points Back to the Local Computer

In this case we’ll need to define the mapped drive in the Virtual File System (VFS) in order to be translated to a UNC path. Let’s assume we have GoldMine SystemDir defined as G:\GoldMine where G is a mapped drive that points to \\GMSRV\Apps. We need to add the GMSRV and Apps folder in VFS and specify that Apps is mapped to the G drive.

There is no need to setup any user to access the path, because by default the RGMSUser will be used. All you need to do is to make sure that RGMSUser has the appropriate permissions on the shared folder as we have shown in the previous scenario.

Scenario 3: SystemDir uses a UNC Path or Mapped Drive that Points to Another Computer

In this case we’ll need to add the UNC path/mapped drive to the VFS and specify the remote user credentials that will be used to access the path. Also, we should make sure that the user we specify has Read/Write NTFS and sharing permissions on the shared folder.

Let’s assume we have SystemDir defined as G:\GoldMine and G is \\Srv1\Apps. We also have a user, user1 that can access the server, Srv1. We’ll need to define Srv1 and Apps in the VFS settings and set the Apps folder credentials to user1 and user1’s password. Also, we’ll need to define the G mapped drive on the Apps folder.

Let us know if you have any questions about Remote GoldMine Service Configuration or any other general questions about wMobile by leaving us a message here.  Have a suggestion for a blog post or a question you would like to see us answer? Let us know.

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