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Release RoundUp: Sugar Q3 2020 (10.1)

by Roxana Rangu on July 28, 2020

8 minute read

The latest Sugar release, Q3 2020, is available for all SugarCloud customers running Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional and comes with several customer experience solutions that allow your marketing, sales, and service teams to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle.

Keep reading (or watch the video below) for the sweet details!

Feature RoundUp

This release represents the next step in the SugarCRM quarterly feature delivery model, providing accelerated delivery of new innovations for customers hosted on SugarCloud, as well as greater predictability for Sugar updates for on-site customers. 

The biggest new features in Sugar 10.1 are:

  • New Scoring Models in Sugar Market
  • Workforce Management Features in Sugar Serve
  • Updates to Sugar Sell that include:
    • New Purchase and Purchased Line Item Modules
    • Opportunity and Revenue Line Items Features
    • Sugar Hint Predictive Account Discovery
    • Sugar Mobile Enhancements
  • Updates to Sugar Professional & Enterprise

Alright, let's go through these, one by one!

Sugar Market

For Sugar Market, this release brings advanced control for marketers to quickly test and evaluate new scoring models. In addition to being able to rescore all contacts and leads, you can also rescore based on single contact scoring profiles. 

SugarCRM also announced the arrival of a brand new Nurture Builder that includes a reworked visual designer, inline editing, and inline analytics. This new Nurture Builder will be available to all Sugar Market customers later this year.

Nurture Builder 2.0 in Sugar Market

Sugar Serve

The Shifts and Shift Exceptions modules have been added to manage your customer service agents' working hours as well as exceptions to their schedules which can be used in round-robin assignments in SugarBPM. 

The Shifts and Shift Exceptions modules in Sugar

This means that based on your agents’ availability, you can distribute cases to agents that are working at a particular time, allowing any new cases to be answered back in a timely manner and your agents to be more focused on the customer interaction. 

You can create shifts that perfectly fit your activity such as day or night, weekend, or even holiday shifts. 

Shifts Exceptions module in Sugar

If one of your team members calls in sick or needs some personal time off, just head to the Shifts Exceptions where you can easily update the time off so that you can accommodate their needs as well as yours since the shift will be reassigned to someone else. 

Sugar Sell

Perhaps the biggest update that comes with the Q3 2020 release is the New Purchase and Purchased Line Item modules. 

New Purchase and Purchased Line Item modules.

Sugar's Purchases and Purchased Line Items modules consist of purchase records and purchased line item records that represent the products or services you sell to clients. 

The data in these modules provide a timestamp ledger of all the recurring transactions that you’ve had with any specific customer over time. You no longer need to create a mental model of client history, Sugar now does that automatically for you.

Purchases and Purchased Line Items modules in Sugar

Sugar has constantly improved the ability to work at an Opportunity level with the drag and drop functionality, sticky filters, or the option to add a revenue item, along with the new opportunity that was created in the lead conversion process. With the latest release, you can mass update the expected close dates, sales stage, and service start date of Open Revenue Line Items with just a few clicks.

Mass Update the expected close dates, sales stage, and service start date of Open Revenue Line items.

Another new feature allows discounting revenue line items in percentage instead of just currency amounts. Instead of doing the math, you just have to specify a percentage and everything is calculated for you.

discounting revenue line items in percentage instead of just currency amounts

To add to that, you can now enter negative quantity amounts into quotes and opportunities, which is useful when you have to process returns or cancellations — now you have the ability to do it directly in Sugar. 

The next new feature is really convenient whenever you want to create a new account. Right after you type in the first letters, Hint showcases a list of worldwide companies that match those letters, with the list shortening as you type in more letters. Just pick the company that you are looking for from the list and you’ll have all of the information automatically filled in. 


With this release, new capabilities have been added so that Sugar Mobile users can leverage product catalog filters when creating line items for quotes or opportunities. Mobile users are now also able to easily generate quotes from revenue line items and opportunities from quotes.

creating line items for quotes or opportunities in Sugar Mobile

Sugar Enterprise & Professional Enhancements

Sugar Q3 2020 introduces the ability to configure the layout of the Record View dashlet for any standard or custom Sidecar module. The Record View Dashlet now also supports additional modules such as Quotes, Calls, Opportunities, Revenue Line Items, and Meetings. 

Record View dashlet in Sugar

You can now also choose if you want to receive an email notification whenever you are mentioned in a comment log entry by clicking the Email on Mention checkbox in your User Settings’ Advanced tab.

Concluding Thoughts

That was our release RoundUp of Sugar Q3 2020. We believe that you will enjoy the new updates just as much as we do! To stay up to date with all releases of SugarCRM, sign up for our newsletter below.

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