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Release RoundUp: Sugar Q2 2020 (10.0)

by Roxana Rangu on April 28, 2020

7 minute read

The latest release of Sugar is the first release using the new naming convention for Sugar releases, instead of being named "Spring '20," to better serve customers everywhere in the world,  and it is available for all Sugar Cloud customers running Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional.

Please note this release includes a roll-up of features from the Sugar Summer ‘19, Fall ‘19, and Winter’ 20 releases for On-Premise customers. This Release RoundUp only covers the newest features from Sugar Q2 2020.

Feature RoundUp

The Q2 2020 release comes with several great new features but it also introduces Sugar Integrate, a brand new integration platform that will benefit all Sugar users. 

The biggest new features in Sugar 10.0 are:

Alright, let's go through these, one by one!

Sugar Sell

One of the first updates to the latest Sugar release brings changes to data privacy and transparency. When you first log in to Sugar after the upgrade, you will be required to click the checkbox and click the Continue button but thankfully, this is only required once and it applies to the whole Sugar portfolio.

Cookie Consent in Sugar Sell

Another update that you will be happy to discover if you are a Tile View fan, is that The Tile View is now available for the Leads module as well, not just for Opportunities module. This is really helpful if you want to update leads quickly mainly because it’s so easy to visualize and handle the data with the drag-and-drop capabilities that allow you to immediately update your pipeline.   

Tile View animation in Sugar

The drag and drop capability has also been added when converting a Lead. All you have to do is drag your lead to the converted column. Sugar will automatically open the Lead Conversion drawer where you can create a Lead, Account or Opportunity, or associate it with existing records.

Now you also have the option to add a revenue item, along with the new opportunity that was created in the lead conversion process, making it easier than ever to convert or manage leads in Sugar.

Add a revenue item option when converting a lead in Sugar

New updates were made to the Product Catalog as well! Up until now, The Product Catalog, Product Category, Product Types, and Manufacturers modules were only available to admins.

Starting with the latest release, the admin can give or restrict any user or team the level of access they need and enable them to view, create or modify the existing product catalog or individual products.

Access setup in Sugar

Sugar Serve

This release brings improved user experience to make customer support professionals more effective every time they engage with customers. The Quick Create menu now allows you to easily create new records from anywhere in Sugar by simply clicking the quick-create button on the upper right of any Sugar page.

Quick Create Button in Sugar

As an administrator, you now have the ability to sequence the BPM processes inside common resolution flows. All you have to do is select the sequence by changing the Run Order value on the process definition record to control the order in which the automated processes are run for a given module.

BPM processes in Sugar

And lastly, with the latest release, the dashboard limit has increased. Now you can see up to 50 dashboards instead of just 20 on the homepage. 

Sugar Professional & Enterprise

As Sugar aims to innovate on user experience with every release, the latest Sugar Professional and Enterprise, as well as Sell and Serve received a few enhancements to the record view, which has been redesigned to showcase more information at a glance, without having to scroll down the page when looking for data.

There are updates to the field name placement with empty fields represented by a single empty field pill instead of a field name and a blank value. When you are highlighting a record with an empty value, you’ll see the plus sign beside the field name that will allow you to add value to that field. 

empty fields screenshot in Sugar

Another new update brings us the ability to configure where field names are placed in relation to their field value. Now you can now determine if you want the field name to be beside the field value or above it. The default ‘Beside Field Value’ provides a more compact record view by reducing the extra white space.

Above&Beside; record view in Sugar

Please note that this release brings all these great record view updates to Sugar Sell and Serve as well.

Sugar Integrate

Sugar Integrate was launched at the same time with the latest Sugar release, which is a new platform that allows developers to deliver on integration needs faster with accelerated benefits. 

Sugar Integrate screenshot on a lapton

Sugar Integrate is an integration as a service and can be used by both developers and non-technical users. The platform provides pre-made integrations to over 200 business applications, helping customers fulfill integration needs more efficiently and accelerate business benefits. 

Concluding Thoughts

That was our release RoundUp of Sugar Q2 2020, but that’s certainly not all there is to it! To stay up to date with all releases of SugarCRM, sign up for our newsletter below.

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