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Release RoundUp: Sugar 9.0

by Katie Liesmann on April 26, 2019

7 minute read

The latest release of Sugar, known as Sugar 9.0 or Spring ‘19 is a release for both Sugar Cloud and On-Premise users. Here’s our Release RoundUp for Sugar 9.0!

Please note this release includes a roll-up of the Summer ‘18, Fall ‘18, Winter ‘19, and Spring ‘19 releases for On-Premise customers. This Release RoundUp only covers the newest features from Spring ‘19.

Feature RoundUp

  • The most noteworthy features in Sugar 9.0 include:
  • Updates to Advanced Workflows (SugarBPM)
    • Tagging Support
    • Process Termination Settings
    • Import and Export Improvements
  • Group Outbound Email Support
  • Comment Log Updates
  • New Fields
    • Service Level Field on Accounts
    • Follow Up Date Field on Cases, Bugs and Data Privacy
  • Platform Improvements

Updates to Advanced Workflows

Advanced Workflows is now called SugarBPM. BPM stands for “Business Process Manager” and better represents the feature’s capabilities. Of course, with a new brand comes new features, and there are three you need to know about: tagging support, process termination settings, and import/export improvements.

Tagging Support

I’m sure a lot of you know and use the tags feature and already find great value in it. With this latest release, tags can now be applied to all SugarBPM modules (i.e. Process Definitions, Process Business Rules, and Email Templates). Records in each of these modules can now be tagged, making it easier to organize and find what you’re looking for when it comes to CRM automation.

Process Termination Settings

SugarBPM can use something called “listen events”, and this is basically where Sugar “listens” for an event to occur, and then that event triggers a workflow to process. In this release, a new capability has been added that allows listening events to trigger workflow termination. You can think of this as an “early exit” for “emergency brakes” for workflows. When certain field values are met, you can stop the workflow from running. This is important for preventing conflicts between multiple processes, and also helps improve performance.

Import and Export Improvements

Previously, when exporting and then importing process definitions, you could lose some of the business rule mappings that you had defined. Now, the importing and exporting process has been improved so that business rule mappings exported from Sugar Spring '19 (9.x) or higher and then imported to another instance running the same or higher version will be preserved. In addition, any tags that are applied to SugarBPM module records will export and import as part of the .bpm package.

Group Outbound Email

You can now use Sugar to send emails from group email accounts. When you create a new account in the Emails module, you will see a Teams field, which will allow you to share the account with specific teams. Any members of the teams with access will be able to send email from the new outbound email account.

Another new update is that you can now configure the “Reply-To” name and address in each outgoing email account.

Comment Log Improvements

In the last release (Sugar Winter ‘19 or 8.3) we saw the addition of a new field type called the Comment Log. This awesome field was applied to the Cases and the Bugs module out-of-the-box and could be applied in other places using Sugar’s Studio. In this release, there are two updates that have been added to the Comment Log field type to make it easier to use.

The first is that these fields are now expandable and collapsible, so you can make sure the use of that field type doesn’t interfere with your workflow or take up too much room. The second is that the Comment Log field type now works with custom modules, so it can be added in any of the modules your team has built just for your CRM.

New Fields

If you are a support team member, in Sugar 9 you will likely notice a couple of new fields that come out-of-the-box. On Account records, you will see a new field called “Service Level”. This allows you to track what customer service tier each of your customers is in. On Cases, Bugs, and Data Privacy records there is a new field called “Follow-Up Date”.

These two fields can help you meet more SLAs and improve your customer service because you can use them both reporting and advanced workflows. For example, you might set up a workflow that automatically sets the “Follow-up date” for a case based on the Service Level in the Account record.

Platform Improvements

We’ve heard Sugar say that your users can only work as efficiently as your system is fast, and we couldn’t agree more. So when we heard there were performance improvements, we wanted to really dig into it with them. What we learned is that in Sugar 9, they have been working to improve back-end performance. They did this by running thousands and thousands of tests, observing commonly used Sugar functions, and then using those tests to make improvements.

In some large instances, they have seen List Views load up to 700% quicker, and they are expecting that the average Sugar user should be able to process up to 70% more transactions without making any hardware changes.

If you want to learn more about this there is a really great post from SugarCRM’s Director of Product Management, Matt Marum, on how they achieved these performance improvements.

So…What’s Next?

This release is available to all Sugar users. Organizations using Sugar Cloud will get notification emails when their upgrade has been scheduled by SugarCRM. If you are an On-Premise user, begin talking about your upgrade strategy with your sugar partner, because Sugar 8.x end of life occurs on October 31, 2019.

If you have a sandbox you’d like to get upgraded for testing, go ahead and submit a support request to Sugar now to get that started! If you have customizations on your instance of Sugar, reach out to W-Systems to schedule a health check to determine if your customizations will need to be updated and ensure your upgrade goes smoothly.

At W-Systems we have been enjoying the quarterly releases and the value-add they continually bring to our Sugar customers. We just recently got a sneak peek into the 2019 roadmap and we are excited for what’s to come. To stay up to date with all releases of SugarCRM, sign up for our newsletter below.

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